5 on friday: happy may day

happy may day

Happy May Day, friends! Does it baffle anybody else that it’s already May? I feel a little bit like we’re frozen forever in the final weeks of March when the quarantine started. We’re usually so busy that the days just melt away or blend into one another. Life lately during quarantine is completely different. Washington’s current stay-home order is set to expire on Tuesday the 4th, but Gov. Inslee announced on Wednesday that it would be extended. We should know more today. But t

It’s funny. When all of this started, I couldn’t wait for things to go back to normal. I wanted daycare to open up so we could stick with our normal. Our comfortable. Now, however? I mentioned on my instagram that I have a lot of mixed feelings. While I know I need daycare to keep working, I don’t know that I want daycare. I love the time with my kids. I mean, we have help lately from the amazing Sierra (you may remember she helped me when Ryan was deployed), but the idea of them being gone all day again is a bit hard. It’s funny. My priorities have shifted, and here we are. It’s a happy May Day, and I’m reflecting on quarantine.

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upgraded bikes

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1 // Upgraded Bikes for the Boys

So, Spencer and Porter managed to jam up our old faithful Schwinn tricycle at the beginning of quarantine. We had ever intent of buying Porter a new bike for his birthday, so we borrowed a princess tricycle from a neighbor a couple weeks ago. Well, Porter managed to snap the handlebars off it the other day – clean off. Bike riding has been a daily occurrence for us, so I knew we needed to shift gears. We bought a new bike with the intention of giving it to Porter, but it was the only bike they had, and it was too big. So, we shifted gears again, gave Spence the new bike, put the training wheels on Spencer’s old bike, and we upgraded Porter. Both boys are happy clams these days!

2 // Home Projects Underway

I’ve loved having the opportunity to make this little military house a home. I snagged an old wooden dresser the other day that needs some serious love, and my plan is to swap out the boys’ current dresser for this one once it’s complete. I’ll definitely document that when (and if) it turns out as planned! I also finally got to work on an old window frame I had from Fort Drum. I have an idea for our master bedroom, which has gone mostly un-decorated. I did everything but our bedroom. Oops. I’ll have to share that once it’s done, too!

3 // Work, Work, Work

I mentioned last week that I was blessed to have scored an amazing freelance job, and it’d definitely keeping me busy. While I’m working about half the hours I was working at my full-time job before I was laid off, it’s keeping us comfortable, it’s keeping me busy, and I love working with an old boss again. I was also recommended by a past colleague for another freelance project that may be starting next week, and I’m excited to be busy!

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4 // Amazing Hikes Ahead

I shared eight of the best family-friendly hikes around JBLM on Wednesday and, with Washington’s parks opening next week, I’m incredibly excited to get out and explore again soon! Right now, we’re still on a 50-mile travel limit, but I’m hoping they relax that statewide soon so we can get to the place I’ve been hoping to go since before the quarantine began. More on that soon.

5 // Playground Days are Back

I realize there may be mixed feelings on this one. JBLM’s on-post playgrounds haven’t been closed per se, but most of us have avoided them like the plague (too soon?) since the quarantine began. However, with restrictions relaxing, we’re taking the “use at your own risk” signs a bit more seriously and, instead, playing there with social distancing in place. Yes, I know. Mixed feelings. But it was so good to take my babies there to play again. They were in heaven.

Life is different these days, but we’re a far cry from where we were when we started. I really struggled when this began. I cried a lot. And yes, I have days where I’m losing it. But mental health and social distancing have taken on new meanings, too, and I’m actually pretty grateful.

How are you guys doing? Are your stay-home restrictions lifting? Happy May Day, my friends!