5 on friday: highlights this week

highlights this week

Happy Friday, friends! Goodness, but this has been a weird week for me. I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster the whole time. Part of it was the weather, I’m sure. We went from the most gorgeous weather a couple weeks ago to rainy and consistently chilly temps the last week. Honestly, it was a bit sad. That said, I remember this weather from last year, too, and I know it gave way to a beautiful summer, so I’m holding on strong to that! I think part of it also had to do with the ever-so-slowly relaxing standards of Washington state, the lack of “normalcy” (although what is normal anymore?), and just desperate desire for something…different. Today, since restrictions are relaxing, we’re taking a short roadtrip to explore – socially distant style – if only to somehow find our center before Ryan leaves for another TDY. So, while we quickly prep for our trip, I wanted to share our highlights this week; things making us happy, keeping us sane, and making us smile through the crazy.

Highlights This Week

1 // Pixar Shorts – I shared on my instagram this week that one constant we’ve had during this time is morning Pixar short cartoons. One of them is called “Boundin,'” and it’s just the cutest. It’s about a sheep who gets sheared and feels sad and self-conscious. Part of it says, “You’ve still got a body, two legs, and fine feet. Get your head in the right place and, hey, you’re complete!” It’s something we look forward to each morning now, and the kiddos know the line by heart. It’s a message I want them to remember!


quarantine life

2 // Marco Polo Mommy Chats – A lot of my friends live far away. Thus is the nature of military life, and it’s something we’ve come to accept. But there are certain apps that, especially now, keep us communicating and connected. One of those is Marco Polo, and I look forward to chatting with our old neighbors, friends from highschool, etc., each and every day. It makes us feel like we have some shared, collective space in these uncertain times.

3 // Our Barbers Are Finally Open(!!!) – Okay, let me caveat this. The barbers are open, but the lines are insane, as is to be expected. But they’re open. My boys desperately need haircuts, but after the disaster that was our first quarantine haircuts, I haven’t touched the boys’ hair. We ordered clippers, but they’re indefinitely delayed, so I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for the barbers to reopen. Now, they have, and we’re cautiously optimistic that one of these days, the boys will have their hair cut again…oh, and that Ryan can stop shaving his head.

4 // The USO Cookie Drop – Earlier this week, the kids worked with Sierra to create decorations for our door because yesterday evening, the USO did a cookie drop for military kids on JBLM. Around 7:45 last night, they quietly left six boxes of Girl Scout cookies for our very excited children. Now, I just need to keep myself (and Ryan…mostly Ryan) from eating all the cookies before the kids do!

uso cookie drop

staying connected

huffy boys bicycles

5 // Early Morning Bike Rides – I’ve mentioned before, but these kids are so dang resilient. Seriously. Yes, they have their moods, and they feed off my stress and anxiety, but each morning, we do our best to get some fresh air, as long as the weather permits. You’d never guess that Spencer just learned to ride without training wheels, or that Porter just learned to ride a bike. They’re so good at it, and I love watching them help each other.

Despite my anxiety, stress, and mental blahhhh this week, we’ve seen a lot of good, and I’m hopeful that things continue to reopen relax in the coming weeks. I don’t know what this new “normal” post-COVID will look like, but I hope that we’ll all begin to find some balance and stability again soon.

Tell me – what were some of the highlights of your week?