my 7 most popular posts of all time

my 7 most popular posts of all time

Happy Monday, friends! I know I mentioned last Monday that we were in the final countdown…maybe. Well, as I subconsciously expected, Washington’s stay-home order was extended through May – at least. Gov. Inslee introduced his phased approach in which things will start opening gradually, hoping to protect us from another spike of COVID-19 cases. I get it. I don’t love it, but I get it. And, as I mentioned, I’m actually enjoying this crazy time with my kids, and it’s giving me a lot of time to work on my blog. As I was working on the backend of my site the other day (one of my big quarantine goals), I took a peek at my 7 most popular posts of all time.

The marketer in me loves looking at data, and getting into the nitty gritty, diving into the SEO, and seeing how people find my blog was really interesting. Today, I wanted to mix it up a little. Instead of sharing something new, I wanted to share my 7 most popular posts of all time – and some of the funniest keywords people have searched to find my blog. Ready?

My 7 Most Popular Posts of All Time

1 // An Honest Review of Our MiniMeis Carrier

When I bought our MiniMeis thanks to a targeted Facebook ad, I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. I also didn’t expect my review of it to be legit my most popular post of all time. This baby consistently ranks in the search engines, and that makes me pretty happy because we love this product!

minimeis review

minimeis carrier reviews

minimeis g4 vs. g3

2 // I Tried Thrive Causemetics & Here’s What I Really Think

I was really surprised that this was one of my most popular posts. I had been chatting with Ashley from Acute Angle, deciding whether to try the products, and I just shared my thoughts. Honestly, the marketer in me hates the photos in this post, but I’m glad people find it useful!

3 // How I Edit Photos on My Phone Using Lightroom

I’m surprised this ranked, but I’m glad it did because it means I’m doing something right! I made a mental switch in 2018 and decided to focus more on my photography – not just for my blog, but for the quality of our personal photos. I get a lot of questions about this, but yes, I use my iphone 11 for everything.

4 // Dear World: Lyme Disease is Real

I actually get a lot of questions about my Lyme Disease on a weekly basis. Battling late-stage Lyme has been one of the hardest things I’ve tackled in the past few years (and yes, that includes deployments). I’m grateful for the treatment I’ve had, and I’m still on the mend day by day.

5 // That Time We Flew Space-A Across the US

I love that this one ranked! This was one of my favorite adventures with my kids to date. It was a bold move for me to get three kids on a plane solo, and the kids and I had an absolute blast on that military aircraft. I’m still trying to convince Ryan we need to go again as a family!

flying space-a

civilian space-a

flying space a with children

space-a with kids

6 // Confessions of a Solo Parent

I’m part of a group of amazing military spouses on social media, and we often talk about how we hate being referred to as single parents because, regardless of our husbands being around or not, we aren’t single parents when they’re gone. We’re solo parents.

7 // I Prefer Deployment to TDY & Here’s Why

I’m super glad that this is one of my most popular posts. I thought it was a super unpopular opinion when I posted it, but it turns out that I wasn’t the only person that struggles with the whiplash that is a TDY. Deployments suck, but I’ll always say that TDYs are harder.

So, there you have it! Those are my 7 most popular posts of all time. A couple surprised me, but some of them aren’t so surprising. I’m glad that people enjoy them though! Tell me – have you ever taken a peek at some of your most popular posts? Does anything surprise you?