sh*t spencer says: volume 7

sh*t spencer says: volume 7

Anybody else feel like they need a good laugh these days? Or even just a giggle? I’d loan you my children but, you know, social distancing and all that. So, instead, I think it’s time for another installment of my absolute favorite blog series – Sh*t Spencer Says: Volume 7. For those of you who are new to my corner of the blogosphere, welcome! This is actually the seventh installment of this series in which I share some of the most ridiculous things my eldest son, five-year-old Spencer, says on any given day.

I make a point of jotting the ridiculous things he says down in my iPhone’s notes so I can remember not only the things he says, but also the context in which he says them. Without context, they’re a hoot. With context, they’re hilarious. So, if you’re new here – enjoy. If you’re a long-time blog friend, I hope you love the newest installment of Sh*t Spencer Says.

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Sh*t Spencer Says: Volume 7

// While discussing the solar system and why we live where we live: “I’m glad we got Earth, Mommy.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he didn’t really have a choice.

// Trying to teach the boys about different weather systems: “But why does the sun poop out snow?”

He’s going to do so well in kindergarten next year.

// After hearing my kids say “mommy” 28394723 times in the span of three minutes, I told them to stop calling me mommy. He replied: “So, what should we call you? Missy?”

Great powers of deduction, my boy. How about you just call Daddy, instead?

// Expressing his love for his little sister: “I love Mieke. She’s my favorite granddaughter.”


// Ryan declared his discontent post-Pixcar cartoon: “Well, if you say you don’t like, just pick a different show, Daddy.”

Okay, teenager.

// On a bike ride, the boys saw the handicapped spots: “Mommy, why’d the paint a toilet on the road?”

Yep. Not a toilet.

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And that, my friends, concludes the seventh installment of Sh*t Spencer says. I have to say; one of the plus sides of this whole quarantine and stay-home order thing is that I’ve had the opportunity to have a lot of uninterrupted time around my kiddos lately. As such, I’ve also had the opportunity to delve even further into the inner workings of my five-year-old’s mind, and it never ceases to amaze me. In case you’ve missed the last installments, here you go:

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