5 on friday: things we’re loving lately

things we're loving lately

Happy Friday, friends! We’ve finally had a stretch of absolutely beautiful weather in the PNW for the past week, and after an exceptionally rainy fall, winter, and spring, to say that the sunshine has been more than welcome would be an understatement. We’ve been making the best of it every chance we get, soaking up the sun, pushing bedtime back, and generally just enjoying the fresh air. As of a couple weeks ago, our littles are back in daycare while I work, and it’s been giving all of us a good time to stretch our wings, enjoy a little fresh air – both proverbially and literally – and find our center again. Ryan’s leaving again in less than two weeks for another TDY, too, so we’re really trying to cram everything in that we possibly can. I know I professed in one of my posts this week that JBLM isn’t my favorite, but I’d be completely remiss if I didn’t say how beautiful the summers are. They almost make the rainy season worth it! But, I digress. For today’s Friday favorites, I wanted to share things we’re loving lately as we do our best to soak it all up.

// The Long Days

While I’ll be honest and say that I’m not so much a fan of the sun creeping over out blackout curtains in the morning, I will 100% say that I love having the sun up well past 9 PM. It’s so nice to bring the kids home from school and have time to play outside, enjoy dinners on the patio, and not have to turn on the lights until well past the kids’ bedtime. Even better, it makes it so easy to push back the kids’ bedtime and savor those hours with them as a family.

// Midweek Farmer’s Market Picnics

I mentioned last week that the Steilacoom Farmer’s Market is finally open for the season, and we went for the first time last week. Well, I decided we’re going to make it a summertime tradition, and the kids and I have been enjoying farmer’s market picnics by the water in Steilacoom each Wednesday. It’s an evening that I don’t have to prepare dinner, we can soak up the sun with good friends, treat ourselves to some locally-made treats, and enjoy the company of others without being on top of one another. In the time of corona, I think we can all attest to how important that is.

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// All the Adventures

I shared my summer 2020 bucket list a few weeks ago, and we’ve already managed to make a little dent in it! We explored Moulton Falls, and last week, the kids and I also hiked Lake Serene, which was an adventure, to say the least. I’m counting on this being our last summer here, so we’re making the best of it. We pack up on the weekends and drive to little areas that we want to see before we leave because it’s fun, and these are the moments I think we’ll really remember.

// Impromptu Gatherings

There’s a beautiful dichotomy in the time of corona. We’ve all been isolated so long that many of us crave human contact, and that includes my children. Our kiddos were invited to an impromptu water balloon fight down the street earlier this week, there was a Nerf war around our neighborhood last weekend, and some great neighborhood ladies gathered for driveway drinks just the other night. It’s been great to find those little tethers and connections through all of this.

// Staying Busy

I don’t do idle. I’ve said it time and again, but being idle is how I go crazy, and while I relish a good, relaxing day, being able to be busy again has felt like such a luxury. I mentioned on my instagram that I really miss traveling. I do. I miss being able to comfortably plan a big getaway. But for now, I’m enjoying staying busy here within our local area. It definitely softens the sting of postponing big travels, and it keeps our minds busy through it all.

I’ve always said that mindset is everything. This has been a hard year thus far for everyone, and I think I can safely speak for everyone everywhere when I say that. Finding and focusing on the things we’re loving lately not only keeps us sane, but it keeps us focused on the good, as well. That’s been what’s consistently getting us through the proverbial suck, and I also know that’s going to be what gets us through yet another TDY during our time here at JBLM. So, with that, happy Friday friends!

Tell me – what things are you loving lately? What’s making your summer special even in these crazy times?