four years of porter dean

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Dear Porter,

Today is your fourth birthday!

My big boy, I know how long you’ve been waiting for your big day, and I know how excited you are that it’s finally here! Four is a big one for you, and you’ve repeatedly told yourself that four makes you a big boy and, you know what? I think you’re right! In four years, you’ve seen, done, and accomplished so much, and I am so darn proud of you as you navigate each and every challenge life has thrown your way.

In your four years of life, you’ve lived in two states and three different houses. You’ve had two surgeries. You’ve traveled across the country by car, and you’ve gone on more than five-mile hikes. You’ve weathered your first (and hopefully your only) global pandemic, and you’ve rolled with the challenges like a boss. In your four years, you’ve attended four different daycares and preschools, had more teachers than I can count, and you’ve embarked on four transatlantic flights. You’ve also flown in a military plane – something that most people 10 times your age can’t say they’ve done! You love a good challenge, and then you show that challenge who’s boss, making me so proud.

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four years of porter dean

At four years old, you’re a daredevil, which is both hilarious and absolutely terrifying. I love how you jump in with both feet (often literally) without thinking. You just do it, and I love your zest and enthusiasm for adventure. Not very much scares you. You love the open ocean just like your mommy, and you make friends easily because you’re funny and witty. Most of all though, even with your spicy little personality, you’re never afraid to love on your little sister or share with your big brother, which I absolutely love.

Porter Dean, I know that being a middle child can be hard sometimes. Mommy and Daddy are middle children, too, which explains why we’re so alike. But you know what? It also makes you special. You’re the meaty center than makes up the Moore sandwich, and without you, we just wouldn’t be complete.

So, today, we celebrate you and four incomparable years of Porter Dean! I know it’s raining and Daddy is gone again, but we’re going to celebrate anyway. I’ll make those unicorn cupcakes you requested and indulge all your silly requests today because today is your day. Big boy, I’m so proud to be your mama, and I’m so excited to see what you can and will accomplish at four years old because you, my boy, are my little champion.