currently: the july edition

currently: the july edition

Happy Friday (and long weekend), my friends! This week has simultaneously been the fastest and slowest week ever. On the one hand, it’s flown by because Ryan’s preparing to leave next week for a while, and on the other hand, it’s crawled because summer went back into its little hidey-hole, and it’s been downright chilly again. Nevertheless, here we are, another weekend – and a long weekend at that. We’re heading out on a hike today, and I’m excited to do some more local exploring because the clock keeps ticking, and this is our last summer here. We’re going to get as much out of this place as we possibly can – drizzles and all! But now that we’re in July, it’s time for the July edition of Currently, one of my favorite features from Anne in Residence. This month, we’re sharing what we’re cooking, photographing, sharing, trying, and wondering. Ready? Let’s dive in…

Currently: The July Edition

// Cooking

I finally jumped on the instant pot train about a month ago when a great sale came around at Target. Lately, I’ve been making a lot of meals with it, though I’ll admit not all of them have been great. One that we’ve had on repeat, however, is this crockpot rotisserie chicken. I made a few tweaks to that recipe, but overall, it’s delicious. I also reserve the bones, and I turn it into bone broth to freeze and cook with, as well, so that’s been awesome. Also, that meal is a meal-prep game-changer.

// Photographing

I’m always taking photos of my children, let’s be honest. Lately, however, I’m doing my best to take pictures of all our adventures. Better ones. All-encompassing ones. Ones that actually include yours truly. I wrote a post last year about how important it was to step back into the frame, but I realized I’d really failed at doing that for the most part. So, I’ve been making a point of taking pictures of our adventures with me in them. It’s weird. I told a few friends that it almost feels narcissistic, but I’m also grateful to see myself in photos with my children and doing these big things with them for a change. Look at me waxing all nostalgic.

hiking with kids

pnw swimming holes

kids and me

hiking with kids

mieke on a bike

// Sharing

I’ve kind of found my pace in 2020 in sharing more of my heart. In light everything that’s happened so far this year, I feel like this is the time to speak your heart. It’s time to do and share what is right, and I think that’s helped me find more of my people – like-minded people – all around the world. Through sharing, I’ve built more connections, and I’m grateful for that because building those connections in an otherwise isolating time is so important.

// Trying

I’m trying a lot of things! Right now, I’m trying to balance “me” time in the midst of working two freelance jobs, mothering, preparing to parent solo, keeping a house, and figuring out where and what I’m going to go/do next with my career. It’s a weird and uncomfortable place to be, but I also know that discomfort is where growth begins, so I’m trying to embrace that as much as possible.

// Wondering

Honestly, I’m still wondering what “normal” is now and what “normal” is becoming. I miss the old normal…I’m not going to lie. I’m not ungrateful for many changes that we’ve made and seen though, as well. Again, it’s a weird place to be, and I’m just left wondering when things will feel sturdy and stable again because they still don’t feel that way now. I almost wonder what’s going to happen next and pull the rug out from under us again. Anyone else?

Sorry friends! This is a strangely philosophical “Currently” feature for July, but I think that’s just where I am with my headspace right now. I’m excited for great things to come, I’m cautiously embracing the changes that have happened, and I’m ready to put the less favorable parts behind us. Basically, this is me hoping with all my might that July is going to come in and be like “Hey guys! I’m here to save 2020!” Anyone else?! Either way though, I truly hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July if you’re American, and if you aren’t (I’m looking at you, South Africa fam), I hope you just have a lovely weekend. Hugs!