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If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you’ve likely seen how passionate I am about getting our kids outside, exploring the areas that the Army sends us, and finding adventures at every turn – no matter what. Over time, we’ve learned how important it is to equip your kids to play outside well though. Like I mentioned in my top tips for hiking with kids, gear is important, and kids clothes, in general, are equally important. I’m partial to a good bargain as much as the next person, but when it comes to quality kids’ gear, I’m looking for three main things. First, I want my kids’ clothes to be durable. Second, I want their clothes to be comfortable, so that they can move, play, hike, and explore in complete comfort. And lastly, I’ll admit, I want their clothes to look good, and I want them to feel good in them. That’s how I found Sawyer kids clothing, how Sawyer makes the best kids outdoor clothing – ever – and why we love Sawyer kids’ outdoor clothes.

Sawyer’s stylish kids’ apparel takes ordinary kids’ tees, shorts, hoodies, caps and more up a notch. The style and quality of the products echo their brand values and mission inspiring kids to go outside and be adventurous. I don’t know about your children, but my kids thrive when they feel good, and a large part of that is what they wear. Bottom line? It’s a rad kids’ brand that elevates expectations of quality and design, all while offering your kids incredible products.

Why We Love Sawyer Kids’ Outdoor Clothes

Front and center on their website, Sawyer boldly proclaims the following: “Inspiring kids to be outside and adventurous. That’s the idea, and the mission, behind everything we do.” Sold. Just as I’m passionate about great gear for hiking, exploring, and outdoor adventures though, I always aim to shop small whenever possible. Sawyer’s brand headquarters are located in a small mountain community in Park City, UT – an environment that serves as inspiration for all products they create. Even more fun, Sawyer was named for Tom Sawyer, a literary character that embodied the spirit of explorers everywhere. The mission, the values, the deep, home-grown roots inspired me, and I was all in. But were my kids? Take a peek…

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The first thing I want to mention about Sawyer’s products is the quality. It is so easy to find a cheap, scratchy tee that, sure, looks cute, but doesn’t stand the test of time or offer comfort for ever-moving littles. Sawyer’s shirts are ultra butter-soft, and the textures speak volumes to the great materials they’ve sourced and used. Spencer’s personal favorite is his “Don’t tell my mom” tee in charcoal, which he says is funny because he likes secrets (oh, to be five years old). My personal favorite? This hoodie. Trust me when I say we’ve had a lot of hoodies for the boys, and this hoodie is second to none. I love the versatility of the design, and Spencer loves the fluffy interior. I mean, if that’s not a match made in heaven, I don’t know what is.

My boys love to get messy and dirty while on-the-go, and I’ve found that many shirts – especially black ones – lose the depth of their color quickly. Porter’s “Go outside” tee in black is just as pitch-black as it was on day one. And let me tell you, the boys put these shirts through their paces. Most of all though, I have to say that I love that Sawyer’s clothes are so perfectly unisex. Guys, these are not just for boys. I can totally picture Mieke in any of their gear, and when she’s old enough, you’d better believe I’ll be buying all the things.

Ultimately, Sawyer walks the walk, and that’s a large reason why we love Sawyer kids’ outdoor clothes. Their mission was to deliver incredible products for outdoor-loving, adventurous families who have a hard time finding cool, quality products from small businesses. Each and every product they create is ethically manufactured in fair working conditions, and they stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of everything they create. Don’t love it? They’ll refund you up to a year – no questions asked. If that’s not the guarantee you need to check out Sawyer, I don’t know what is.

Tell me – have you heard of Sawyer outdoor kids’ clothes? What’s been the hardest thing for you when searching for great outdoor kids’ clothing?