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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a little baffled here that it’s already August. 2020 has simultaneously flown by and crawled – both at record pace – and I’m not even sure how that’s possible. On the one hand, it’s flown because a lot of it has honestly blurred together through all the COVID chaos. On the other hand, it’s crawled by, as our typical summer plans were thrown out the window, and we were left scrambling, trying to figure out how to chart a new direction. But this isn’t news. You all get it. We’re all in it. And, for better or worse, here we are. In August. That means it’s time for another round of “Currently,” one of my favorite monthly features from Anne in Residence. This month, we’re sharing what we’re choosingconsuming, orderingremembering, and enjoying. Ready?

Currently: The August Edition

Choosing // The big ol’ elephant in the room right now is probably the same one on any parent’s plate right now. We’re choosing school options and paths. Washington public schools recently announced they’re opening remote-only models this fall, and neither Ryan nor I felt comfortable with that being Spencer’s first taste of school-aged learning. He needs that face-to-face instruction, as well as the social aspect of school. So, we’ve made the difficult decision to enroll him in a local faith-based private school that is opening this fall. They are following major health guidelines, but he’ll be able to go for in-person learning, which we truly believe is crucial. I shared on my instagram that we briefly considered homeschooling but, honestly, it didn’t feel like the right choice for Spence, so here we are.

Consuming // I mentioned in my post yesterday that I’ve been working on this self-led journey for a while, and part of that has been focusing on my own physical health. I’ve had a lot of extra weight on my body that’s slowly crept on over the past few years. I finally found the emotional space to buckle down and work hard for myself. So, essentially, I’m not consuming too many exciting things right now. Instead, I’m consuming a TON of ice water. Lots of leafy greens. A primarily gluten-free diet. I’m down 7 lbs so far, and I’m excited to keep going.

currently: the august edition



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Ordering // I’m ordering a lot of things for Spencer’s start to school next month, including his uniforms, his backpack, and more. I’m also ordering a lot of fitness apparel. Fabletics remains a favorite of mine, and I’ve been focusing a lot on running for me – rather than for races – so there’s been a lot of purchases for supporting that, like new headbands, new wireless headphones, etc. I may have also ordered an incredible new camera as my husband continues to support me on this big goal of mine (more on that later).

Remembering // Lately, I’ve been remembering a lot about life this time last year, back when everything felt normal. Normal is such a weird word now, but life felt normal then, and while Ryan was deployed, the kids and I were finding a groove. Ryan’s coming back from his TDY very soon, and we’re excited to try and find our “normal” again, though nobody really knows what that means anymore. I’ve also been remembering how two years ago at this time, we discovered we were pregnant with Mieke. Time flies, huh?

Enjoying // I’ve really been enjoying the summer weather here in the PNW lately. I see a lot of people posting in anticipation of fall, but I’ll be honest. It feels like summer just started here, and for once, I’m just not ready. I want this warm, sunny, summer weather a little longer, especially with so many hikes and adventures planned before the weather turns. Don’t get me wrong. Will still explore when fall hits, but there’s something so cathartic about these longer days.

So, that’s a wrap on Currently: The August Edition. How are you all holding up in your neck of the world? Are things starting to settle down at all, or are you in the throes of planning for the new school year? I hope you have a great weekend!