5 on friday: fun things this fall

fun things this fall

Well, I think it’s safe to say that fall has officially arrived in the PNW. When the rain came last weekend, it brought with it wind that, thankfully, helped clear out that horrible smoke that lingered for a full week. The wind cooled the weather though, and the sun now is spotty at best, which is pretty much the best indicator that fall is here in the PNW. I’ve you’ve followed my blog for some time, or if you follow me on instagram, you know that I have mixed feelings about fall in the PNW. The rainy season is hard for me, and the perpetually damp days definitely get old. I made a commitment this year to no longer let the rain stop us from getting out though, so I’m focusing on all the fun things this fall, rather than the lack of blue skies and sunny days.

Despite the rain, we’re prepping to start tackling our fall PNW bucket list, and we’re excited to keep exploring and adventuring all around. And good things are coming. Ryan’s career marketplace officially opens mid-October. The promotion list comes out late next month. Spencer will be starting a hybrid model of school next month, too, which is exciting all around. It’s also one step closer to the holidays, which I’m sure will be a high point for all of us in this crazy year. So, today, I’m sharing five fun things this fall that are sure to bring us joy and excitement. Ready?

1 // Halloween is Coming (for Real)

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Halloween was up in the air. We weren’t sure if JBLM was going to allow trick-or-treating, or whether we were going to need to go an alternative route. They announced in this past week’s Facebook live that trick-or-treating will be allowed, so we’re excited to give the kids a taste of normalcy this coming year. I’m sure things will be a little different. They’re emphasizing a lack of contact, of course, but I’m excited for the kids to dress up, and I think we’ll have a little Halloween feast with friends prior, as well.

2 // Leaf Peeping

Fall is a short season in Washington State. The rain comes fast and hard, and the leaves tend to drop pretty quickly depending on how fast the rain comes. Perhaps it’s the New Englander in me, but I love looking at those fall colors and leaves, and I’m excited for some leaf peeping hikes! We’re planning a hike this weekend – one we’ve never done in the fall before – and I’m excited to see what those colors look like in the height of fall in the PNW.

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3 // Cozy Evenings 

I used to be such a homebody, but that’s definitely changed since starting to work from home six years ago and living this military lifestyle. Because I like to stay busy though, I’ve learned to value those slow nights at home, too. While I hate that it gets dark so early, there’s something nice about fall-scented candles, warm tea, and cozy evenings at home together. The cool weather totally makes it even cozier.

4 // Apple Everything

If there’s one thing that quarantine did for me (and us), it’s that it taught me a greater love of baking. I’m a big fan of apple pie, but I always opt for store-bought. This year, I’m going to do my best to take advantage of Washington’s many apple varieties, bake a real apple pie, and maybe even make some fresh applesauce. I mean, everything is better homemade, right?

5 // All the Planning

I know this sounds silly, but you know me. I’m impatient. A little neurotic. Always looking forward to the next big thing. With all the changes coming next year, diving into fall starts the planning process for the craziness ahead. It means prepping a PCS binder. It means organizing and purging the excess. I’m all about planning when it comes to these things, and I’m excited to have a reason to dive in this fall.

So, that’s in for the last full week in September. Can you believe it? I can’t believe next week kicks off October, and we’re closer than ever to the holiday season. It’s madness, I tell you. But I’m excited. Good things are to come, and I hope you all have the best weekend ahead!

Tell me – what exciting things are you looking forward to this fall?