currently: the september edition

Currently: The September Edition

Happy Friday – and happy first Friday of September, my friends! Can you believe we’re already in September? I know I’ve said it a million times before, but I feel like the world sort of stopped spinning in March, and we’ve kind of just been going through the motions since then. It’s a little surreal, to be honest, thinking that we’re nearing the end of 2020, and this is how this past year went. Yet, here we are. This is reality. We’re doing better than some states out here in Washington, and that’s saying something, but I know my friends in Hawaii are definitely struggling right about now, so I’m thinking of you guys as the chaos continues. This Friday, it’s time for Currently: The September Edition, a monthly feature from Anne in Residence that’s quickly become one of the highlights of the beginning of each month for me.

As we embark on this new fall normal, I’m excited to share a little bit about what’s in store for us this month, this fall, and what’s going to be happening for us now/soon/etc. So, without further ado, for this month’s edition of Currently, I’m going to be sharing what we’re currently appreciating, anticipating, collecting, starting, and finishing. Ready?

Currently: The September Edition

Appreciating // We’ve been so spoiled the past few weeks. Ryan’s been on block leave, which is the first big chunk of time we’ve had together as a family since our holiday in South Africa last Christmas. We definitely made the best of every moment together, and we actually just got back yesterday from our camping trip to Leavenworth, WA. I’ll share more about that last week, but I’ve been sharing some snippets in my stories on instagram until then. Honestly, it was so good to just have some real quality time as a family before the chaos of fall really commences, and I’m so glad we had the luxury of being able to camp together.

Anticipating // I know I’ve mentioned it before on here, but this fall and winter is going to be a busy one for us, and we have so much to look forward to. This month, we should hear whether Ryan’s being promoted next  year. Spencer’s starting school on Tuesday next week. Ryan’s marketplace opens next month, and he’ll start vying for jobs with different companies (fingers crossed!). Halloween may or may not be happening. Then there’s Thanksgiving in Utah and Christmas in New Hampshire. We have a lot to look forward to, and those landmarks are going to keep us anticipating the good in all the crazy.

camping in leavenworth

camping leavenworth washington

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camping with kids

camping with kids

leavenworth wa

Collecting // I don’t know about you, but I’m still over here collecting all the summer memories, and we’re specifically collecting all the hikes to put in our back pocket of memories. We have quite a few more up our sleeves for the season and well into fall, and I think that our trip to Emmons Moraine may still top our list of epic swims/hikes this season. Collecting these memories of fun adventures definitely made for a great summer seasons.

Starting // I’ll be honest here…I’m starting to stress a bit about the balance of work and school for Spencer. We’re luckier than some. Spence is only in Kinder, but at the same time, I’m still working. I’m stressing about a lack of balance overall, and we’ve committed to giving virtual learning a try for one month. If it doesn’t balance out or feel right for us, we’ll pull him and homeschool. Until then, I’m going to try to keep from freaking out entirely and just take things as they come.

Finishing // Right now, the only thing I’m really finishing per se is our JBLM bucket list for this fall/winter season. We don’t know exactly when we’ll move next year, but we know it will most likely (COVID willing) be between April and June next year. Because of this, I’m cramming our bucket list full of as many amazing things as we possibly can. While traditional things may be somewhat out, there’s so much to see and do in these fall and winter months, and I refuse to slow down. We’re wrapping up our summer bucket list, and once I’ve finished writing out our fall/winter bucket list, I’ll be sure to post!

Overall, this season has been a whirlwind, and while I’m not ready for summer to pass, I am ready to start moving again. Things are going to ebb and flow between season and task at hand, I know, but having our eye on the prize keeps us going through it all.

So, tell me – what are you appreciating, anticipating, collecting, starting, and finishing this September? Better yet, go here and link up your own post!