our review of the oe shoulder carrier

oe carrier review

For those of you who’ve followed my blog or my instagram for a while, you’ve likely seen that our little adventure family is a huge fan of shoulder carriers. We love the flexibility and versatility of them, and we also love the a great shoulder carrier works for both Ryan and myself, which is definitely an added bonus for us. Recently Our Expedition, LLC reached out to us for a review of the OE Shoulder Carrier they created, and we were more than happy to oblige! I always love a good kid-friendly (and parent-friendly) product, and it’s always a bonus to me if that product is on Amazon. So, we received our carrier, we’ve used it religiously for about a month, and today we’re sharing our review of the OE Shoulder Carrier with the world, as well as some real-world comparisons you may be interested in.

First and foremost, our OE Carrier arrived quickly because #Amazon. It was delivered within two days of ordering and, true to form, it was easy to open up and assemble/adjust the few features. I was immediately impressed by the color design. The gray and yellow combination definitely speaks to me because I’m a big fan of a black/grey/white and overall minimalist palette of colors. I also thought the logo on the back was a nice touch. It’s a good marketing accent, as well, if I might add. When we went to Leavenworth last week, we used it in town, and we actually got quite a few questions about it, and we were more than happy to share the details.

oe carrier vs. minimeis g4

oe carrier reviews

oe carrier vs. minimeis

our review of the oe shoulder carrier

First and foremost, let’s talk about what we really like about the OE Shoulder Carrier. I love that this carrier has an integrated backpack. Unlike our other shoulder carrier where you have to buy the backpack separately, the OE Shoulder Carrier’s pack comes attached standard. I also really like that the OE Shoulder Carrier has a built-in waist belt, which was slightly reminiscent of the one on my soft-structured carrier. It added that little bit of comfort and security – especially for me, as a woman. Ryan didn’t necessarily see as much value in it, but I thought that part was a really nice touch. I also thought it was pretty neat that the OE Shoulder Carrier features a built-in sun canopy, which kind of mimics the features of our hiking carrier. Furthermore, this carrier has lots of little hidden compartments, including one on the back, one that attaches to the front and, of course, the backpack, which is removable.

I do think the OE Shoulder Carrier has some work to do in a few areas though. While the features are awesome, and I think they’re definitely going to lend to a great overall clientele, some of them lacked a bit in execution. The canopy was a great idea, but it flopped around and didn’t really pop up properly once opened. It did its job, but it didn’t feel altogether solid, if that makes sense. Furthermore, while comfortable, the OE Shoulder Carrier felt a little less rugged and durable than our other carrier. The stitching seemed a bit looser, and while the backpack was a great touch and I loved that it was included, it wasn’t altogether solid once secured with the clips. It almost felt like it was dragging the carrier downward when we put anything in it. The little waist pouch, too, kept slipping off the Velcro in the front, so we just took it off.

Overall, the OE Shoulder Carrier is a comfortable alternative for those looking for a fun twist on the modern carrier. Like our other shoulder carrier, both Ryan and I agree that we don’t think these should be marketed toward traditional hikes because your center of gravity is shifted so high. They are fantastic for urban exploring, nature walks, tourism, and travel though, and I think that the OE Shoulder Carrier will definitely make its mark in the carrier market. Interested? You can buy it here.

Have you heard of the OE Shoulder Carrier? Would you ever try a shoulder carrier?