5 on friday: our wins for the week

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Happy Friday, friends! I feel like time is flying by right now, and I’m definitely grateful for it. As I mentioned on my instagram, Ryan left for his 7th TDY of the year this week, and we’re (once again) adjusting to him being absent. Thankfully, the kids are taking things in stride lately, and we’re trucking along as best as we can. We’ve been lucky to have some really nice weather the past few days, and as we feel fall become more and more apparent, I’ll admit that I’m getting more excited for the days to continue ticking away. With the holidays fast-approaching, including a trip to Utah next month and New Hampshire in December, good things are ahead, and we’re continuing to seek the good in all the chaos. That’s why I want to continue focusing on all the positives by sharing our wins for the week for our Friday five.

Our Wins for the Week

1 // The Marketplace is Officially Open

This is a big one, and if you’ve been following some time, you probably get it by now. If not, let me explain. Ryan’s career marketplace opens every 3 years before the next year’s PCS cycle. We’re slated to move sometime next spring or summer, and this is when service members can see what jobs are available at specific units and, in turn, start putting their interest and preferences out their for the potential gaining units. It’s a bit of a process. The marketplace is open for a few weeks for servicemembers, then the gaining units look at those interested and find the best candidates. We won’t have an RFO, most likely, until the new year, but we’re hopeful to have an idea where we’re going in the next month or so…while also understanding that things can change.

2 // The PCS Purge Has Begun

A PCS – or a military move – is when we pack everything up and move onto our next duty station. Before we do that, and I think that most military spouses can attest to this, we like to purge a lot of stuff. We’re given a general weight allowance for our household items, but we are usually far below the max. We like to get rid of things, however, that we haven’t used or needed for the past year or so, and we start our prep by decluttering our lives – literally. It’s liberating!

our wins for the week

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3 // We’re Checking Items Off Our Fall Bucket List

I posted our PNW fall bucket list about a month ago, and I’m excited to say we’ve checked two of the five items off the list already! We’re planning to tackle another one tomorrow by going to the beach. It’s going to be windy, misty, and most likely drizzly, but I can’t think of a more fun way for the kids to enjoy the ocean. We went to Westport Beach right before Ryan deployed in 2019, and I think I’m going to take the kids to Ocean Shores tomorrow to build sand castles and run on a deserted beach. Does it get better?

4 // Job Prospects Are Looking Up

I lost my job six months ago now, and it’s been quite a journey. I miss working full-time. I thrive on the consistency, and I miss being dedicated to one company (though I’m eternally grateful for my freelance opportunities). I’ve had a few great interviews in the past couple weeks, and after a significant dry spell in both jobs I’d be interested in, as well as opportunities, as a whole, things are actually looking up.

5 // All Three Kids Had Their Dental Checkups

I know. Super exciting, right? But seriously, I’ve been dreading this. I made an appointment for their dental checkups pre-COVID, but then it was canceled. Then it was rescheduled…then it was indefinitely postponed. They called about three weeks ago with an opening, and I hesitated to make this appointment because I knew Ryan would be gone. I had zero desire to take all three solo, but it’s done. We did it. All their teeth are perfect, and victory is mine! But seriously.

I feel like reflecting on our wins for the week helps overshadow the trickier, less exciting things in life, and it helps me continue to seek out and focus on the good. I’m grateful for these challenges, these speed bumps, and the exciting things ahead because I can only imagine where things will go from here. Happy Friday, friends!

Tell me – what was your biggest win for the week?