5 on friday: things we’re loving lately this october

things we're loving lately

Happy Friday, friends! Can you believe we’re in the final couple weeks of October? I know that I can’t! I’m kind of in this weird place where I’m simultaneously so thrilled that we’re getting closer to the end of this abysmal year and almost, dare I say, sad (?!?!) that it’s flying by. This isn’t how I pictured our final year at JBLM at all. Our final year at Fort Drum was obviously marked significantly by Ryan’s deployment leading up to the year we moved, but we were so busy, and it was so fulfilling. Trust me, we’ve had some amazing adventures here this summer, as well, but we’d hoped to do so much more before we geared up for a big move ahead. I guess you could say we’re used to plans not really working out as, well, planned though. Like last week though, we’re focusing on the good, and I want to share things we’re loving lately for today’s Friday five!

1 // After 6 months of searching, I got a job!

Okay, this is by far the biggest news of the week, and I’ve held it pretty close to the vest for a week now. I received a verbal offer conditional on my background check and references last week, but I wanted to wait to say anything until everything was set in stone. As of yesterday, my contract is signed, and I’m thrilled to be taking on the role of Content Strategist for a great company starting next week. I’ll share more once I’m settled into my new role, but I’m so endlessly grateful that this proverbial season of transition is over!

2 // We’re returning to hybrid school…but better.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that Spencer is attending a private school. Unfortunately, due to a rise in COVID cases, all schools (even private) have been forced to return to a remote or hybrid model of learning. We’re so eternally grateful that he’s attending a great school though. Not only will he have in-person learning twice a week, but the school has found a way to do small cohorts to improve the in-person experience on their hybrid days, as well. It will take some flexibility, but I’m grateful for this careful balance of safety and schooling they’ve created.

kids rainsuits

brothers and sisters

we got boo'd

school pickup

moms who hike

tolmie state park fall

3 // We got boo’d by our neighbors.

I’ve mentioned before that living on post is really hit or miss depending on your duty station. If you’ve been following me for some time, you know we lived in DuPont before moving onto North Fort last year, and we couldn’t have better hit the jackpot if we tried. Seriously. We live in such a fantastic neighborhood. This year, we our neighbors are booing each other, and the kids and I were thrilled to be spoiled as we got boo’d last night. I’ll try to convince the boys to leave some candy for Daddy when he gets back.

4 // Those cold days (and evenings).

I don’t know about where you live, but our weather here in the PNW seems to have taken a hard turn towards fall this week. It’s a rainy morning, and our temps are in the low 40s. In the height of the day, even when sunny now, the temperature hovers around 50ish, and the wind has that crisp, spicy smell of fall in the air. I’m weirdly excited about this fall, and I’m thrilled to embrace the change of season…even the rain…knowing it’s our last fall here.

5 // We voted.

I don’t do politics. I won’t share my political views, and I respect others’ views…but we finally got to mail in our ballots, and we’re so relieved! We had to request a second set of ballots because our first ones never arrived from Arizona. Like many military families (like I shared on instagram), we vote in a state in which we don’t live and, because we’re Arizona residents, we’ve had to make sure our ducks are in a row so we could vote. And, finally, we did.

Honestly, it’s been really therapeutic each Friday sitting down to write and focus on the good in our lives. This year has been hard, and so much about our lives has changed and shifted, but focusing on the things we’re loving lately and the positives gives me that light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, you know?

Tell me – what are you loving lately, and what sort of good lies ahead?