5 on friday: wins for the week

blowing snow photos

Happy Friday, friends! Does anyone else feel like this past week was both the longest and slowest week ever? It’s been rainy almost nonstop here, new lockdown measures are in place, work has been b u s y, and we’re prepping for a weird sort of holiday next week for Thanksgiving. All of that inevitably combined for a chaotic week. And yet, there are always wins for the week if you’re willing to look for them!

For better or worse, we seem to be establishing a pattern with my new work schedule and taking the kids to two different schools. In order to facilitate frontloading my work days, Ryan takes Spencer to school now after I take Porter and Mieke. We’re both up at 4 AM to work (me) and work out (him), and we’re able to get a lot done. Now, in order to stay sane and actually have time for running as my therapy though, I have to work out at night, which has been an adjustment. But, I guess, this whole year has been one big adjustment, eh? Anyway, moving on…

Wins for the Week

1 // I’m learning a lot in my photography class

I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t have high hopes for this class; not because I don’t think Lynsey knows her stuff, but I wasn’t sure how much I’d learn and retain over a zoom class. But you know what? I’ve learned a lot! I’ve actually been putting it into practice, too, which has made for some amazing photos (like the first picture of this blog!), some of which I used for our Christmas card!

2 // Speaking of Christmas cards, I ordered ours

Last year, we ordered our Christmas cards very early because we went to South Africa. This year, however, I’ve been a little behind the ball the whole time. I also didn’t arrange family photos on time, so I was a bit blah about what to do. After our trip to Snoqualmie in the snow last week and taking some more photos though, I designed them, and we love them!

wins for the week

squatch brand shirt

weather winter pnw

kids rain suits

full body rain suits

military kids

3 // Our lockdown isn’t as severe as before

When we first entered quarantine in March, it was strict. Everything was closed. We rarely left the house, and everyone worked from home. Now, it seems that lockdown measures are in place, but society, as a whole, continues with strict precautions in place. The littles are still in daycare, which helps work, we’re well-stocked in groceries, and we’re making it through.

4 // I managed to find a turkey for Thanksgiving

This is a big one, honestly. When the new lockdown measures were announced, I was concerned we wouldn’t find one since people panicked and started hoarding again (I shared some photos on my stories on Instagram). I managed to find a turkey though, and though we’d hoped to go to Utah to see family, it seems we’ll be spending Thanksgiving here at home instead.

5 // We’re two weeks from Spencer’s birthday

I can’t believe I’ll have a six-year-old in just two short weeks! For some reason, six is a landmark year for Spencer, and he’s so excited. We won’t have a big party this year because of COVID, sadly, but I’m excited to bake him a cake and celebrate him and his birthday soon nonetheless! Now, what the heck do I get a six-year-old?!

This week has been a long one, and even here on the blog, I’m learning how much I have to plan ahead of time to accomplish things these days. It’s okay because I honestly feel like I’m getting the ropes and making it through, but goodness, if this year hasn’t been a bundle of crazy, right? I’m glad we’re heading into December soon! We plan to head out for a hike tomorrow, and I can’t wait to explore a little before the rain hits again on Sunday. Have a great weekend, friends!

Tell me – what were your wins for the week?