5 on friday: wins for the week

wins for the week

Happy Friday, friends! You know, in the past when I’ve shared my Friday five, I’ve tried to be pretty diverse in the five things I highlight. Sometimes I share things I’m looking forward to, sometimes I share random snippets, but I’ve found one of my favorite things to consistently share is just my (and our) wins for the week. I feel like we pack so much and so many things into a single week that it can be really easy to overlook the good in there, but by highlight our wins for the week, I find myself reflecting on those slices of good in all the crazy that much more. So, I think I’m going to stick with that going forward. I think we all need a little extra good in our lives…especially on Friday the 13th…in the year 2020.

Wins for the Week: The Friday the 13th Edition

1 // I’ve been taking a photography class

I’m a big fan of great photos, and I’m even more of a fan of making sure that the photos on my blog speak to the adventures we’ve  had, the beautiful places we’ve seen, and all the fun we’ve experienced. For those who’ve followed me for some time, you know I use Lightroom mobile to edit photos from my phone. I love it. It’s simple, my phone takes great photos, and it’s a quick way to keep everything together. Well, Ryan encouraged me do more, and we bought a great camera earlier this year. I’ve been taking a photography class with Lynsey Strader Photography (she did our family photos and my maternity photos), and I’m actually beginning to see the changes as I learn!

2 // It’s snowing in the mountains

You guys, like I shared on my instagram yesterday, I love snow. Like, a lot. It’s one of the things I’ve missed most about Fort Drum. Sure, snow gets exhausting by March, but for the most part, there’s really nothing more beautiful than a fresh snow, playing in white powder, and really feeling like it’s winter. While Rainier has been preemptively closed due to projected storms, we’re hoping to make our way back to the Snoqualmie area to find that snow. We saw it rolling in last weekend!

playing in the mountains

snow snoqualmie

saltars point lookout

best outdoor places near jblm

photography class

spencer bruce

3 // I’m wrapping up my third week at my new company

Losing my job this past year is one of the most psychologically-taxing things I’ve experienced in a long time. I don’t think I realized how much my work was a part of my identity until it was gone. Being able to work with a great new company, learn new things, and flex my creative muscles has been so good for my soul. Even better, I’m slowly starting to understand it all.

4 // We put up our Christmas tree

Okay, hear me out. I’m team real tree like nobody’s business. I’m also team “not ’till after Thanksgiving,” but I felt like we needed a little extra joy this year. Between that and the fact that we never spend the holidays at home because we do our best to see family, we rarely get to enjoy our tree. Remember our tiny tree? But anyway, I bought a fake tree (what?!), and we put it up already (what?!?!?!), and it’s a little beacon of happiness in our home.

5 // We’re about 2 months from orders

I’ve been getting a few messages a week asking whether we know where we’re going yet. The short answer is no. The longer answer is, barring something crazy happening (which definitely can because #army), we have a generally decent idea about where we may go. I don’t feel comfortable sharing until we know for sure though. I promise when we know, I’ll share!

So, that’s it! We’re gearing up for a fun weekend ahead. Ryan has a four-day weekend, we’re slowly prepping for Thanksgiving, and we’re honestly soaking up this time together as a family because it’s such a rarity, and that’s probably the biggest of all our wins for the week!

Tell me – what are some of your wins for the week?