currently: the november edition

currently: the november edition

Happy Friday, friends! Cheers to a new month and one step closer to the end of this ridiculous year. Honestly, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a refresh. I know that things won’t simply flip on a dime with the change of the year in January, but I’m ready for that proverbial clean slate to sort of just, well, start fresh. I’m wrapping up week two with my new company today, and we’re busier than ever, especially with the rumor mill alive with potential PCS and duty stations flying around. But I’ll get into that shortly. Today, it’s time for Currently: The November Edition! If you’ve been following for some time, you’ll know this is a monthly feature from Anne in Residence in which we share our take on her five prompts each time. So, here we go.

Currently: The November Edition

Appreciating // Now, more than ever, I’m appreciating the fact that I found a full-time job. I’ve been so grateful for the ability to freelance and, as challenging as my new hours and learning the ropes at a new company might be, I’m so grateful to be gainfully employed again – and with a fantastic company. I finally feel like my brain is fully working creatively again.

Ordering // Nothing too exciting yet! We’ve ordered a few holiday items, like our faux Christmas tree. Now, let me clarify. I’m 100% firmly on team real tree, but we’re never actually home for Christmas. This year, I felt like I needed a little extra joy (well, we all did), so I went ahead and ordered a faux Christmas tree to put up earlier this year. Gasp. Right?! Other than that, I’ve ordered a lot of new pajamas for the kids because they just. keep. growing.

westport beach wa

father daughter

saltars point wa

baby shark costume

pre pcs planning

Perfecting // I’ve been trying my hands at a fun holiday-inspired cocktail, and I hope to share that soon! When finished and I’m satisfied, it will be equal parts sweet and spicy – and hot – so, it will be perfect for those crisp fall and winter days. I hope to share in the next week or two!

Planning // What are plans?! No, but seriously. I’ve mentioned before that the best made plans are just wishes in military life. I feel like we can’t safely plan a lot in terms of travel for the holidays, and a lot is up in the air there, so I’ve been planning our Thanksgiving menu instead, as well as planning for PCS prep. We may not know where we’re going, but prepping my PCS binder in advance – the basics, of course – will hopefully give us a leg up.

Wearing // A lot of casual work clothes, actually. I’ve been living in leggings since lockdown started in March, but I’ve started flexing into real people clothes again. I mean, who am I anymore?!

One step closer to the move. One step closer to the new year. One step. That’s what I repeat to myself every time I get bogged down by all the chaos surrounding all of us right now. We have a fun weekend ahead, and I hope you all do, too. Happy November!

Tell me – what are you appreciating, ordering, perfecting, planning, and wearing this month?