fall at gold creek pond

fall at gold creek pond

We haven’t done a lot of traveling this year and, to be honest, who really has? This hasn’t been a year for big travels, but if there’s one thing we’re eternally grateful for here at JBLM is that there is no shortage of things to see nearby. We’ve visited a lot of local places, and we’ve had a lot of fun as a family, but this past weekend took the cake. I was lucky to be able to see my family when I spent a summer week in New Hampshire during one of Ryan’s TDYs, but I haven’t seen my parents since then, and Ryan hasn’t seen my parents (and vice versa) since Christmas 2018. Madness, right? That’s the reality of military life though. This past weekend though, my parents were safely able to travel, and we decided to experience fall at Gold Creek Pond in Snoqualmie.

Gold Creek Pond is one of our favorite places to visit as a family. The kids and I first went last year while Ryan was deployed in the middle of summer on a beautiful hot day. Gold Creek Pond is stunning in the summer! Then, this past winter/spring, I took the kids to play in the snow at Gold Creek Pond because it’s a popular snowshoe area. This was our first time experiencing fall at Gold Creek Pond though, and I think it may have actually been my favorite visit yet – and not just because my parents were with us!

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gold creek pond

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playing at gold creek pond

We checked the weather before we went, so we knew it was going to be chilly with a slight chance of snow, and let me just say…it did not disappoint. Gold Creek Pond is nestled right near a couple ski areas that boast a lot of snow in the winter, and during our visit, it lay just below the snow line. So, we had intermittent clouds, spotty sunlight, and incredible views of the snow dusting the trees on the mountains around Gold Creek Pond. Even better, we had snow flurries, too! And, if you know me, you know I love snow.

Now, in the spirit of honesty, allow me to candidly share that Mieke was not a fan of this excursion. She’s usually a champ on our hikes and outdoor adventures, but this was not her best day. She was super excited to walk and play, but she didn’t want to keep her mittens on, so she quickly froze. In order to force her to keep her mittens on, we had to load her in the Deuter, and she was less than happy, but despite the screaming baby during our entire visit, we had a blast. The boys watched Opa skip rocks on the pond, and my parents got their first (and probably last) taste of the mountains here in the PNW during our time living here. This was my dad’s first visit to see us since we moved to JBLM, so it was extra special.

Fall at Gold Creek Pond – and in the mountains here, as a whole – is just magical. From the rich colors of the trees to the intermittent snow, gorgeous sun that filters intermittently, and moody skies, I can honestly I’ll miss these views. I may not love JBLM, but I sure do love our chance to experience this area.

Tell me – how was your weekend?