currently: the december edition

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Happy December, friends! For some reason, the fact that we’re already three days into December simply baffles me. We’re just minutes and steps from the holidays, and I still feel like we’re cramming all the good things that we possibly can in before the year’s end. I look forward to the Currently feature from Anne in Residence each month because I feel like it roots me in the present and encourages me to think about the little things beyond the day-to-date minutiae. So, it’s time for Currently: The December Edition, and I’m excited to share what we’re baking, decorating, gifting, hoping, and sending this month. Ready?

Currently: The December Edition

Baking // I started baking breads and rolls a few weeks ago again, which has been nice because the boys absolutely love my sweet dinner rolls. Beyond that, I’m focusing on Spencer’s big birthday cake tomorrow! We’re not having a big party because of you-know-what, but we are having our quarantine buddies over (because they’re always here anyway) for pizza and cake. And, let me just say, Spencer had the most specific cake request ever. He wants funfetti cake. Three layers. Strawberry mousse layered between – that one’s Grandma’s fault. Blue frosting. And Sonic on top. Please kill me now.

Decorating // Honestly, we put our tree up really early, which constitutes about 85% of our decorating. At the urging of our kids, we put up one strand of lights, and now it looks a bit…sad. So, we may decorate a bit more outside if I find the motivation to do so. Stay tuned.

Gifting // I’ve been gifting a lot of photos to friends lately as I practice what I’m learning in my photography class. We’re also focusing heavily on experience gifts, which I shared yesterday, and we’re preparing to gift a few things to our Spencer tomorrow as he turns six! I mean, when did that happen?!

december currently

currently: the december edition

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Hoping // I’m fairly certain we’re all on the same page  here. I’m hoping for some light on the proverbial horizon. As I shared on my instagram earlier this week, I’ve been hunting the good, and we were lucky to enjoy a lot of togetherness this year, but that doesn’t mean I miss some sense of pseudo normalcy. I hope for that. I also hope we get orders before February (the date they told us this week), and I hope that I find some balance in my job soon…because I’m exhausted.

Sending // This week is all about sending out our Christmas cards! We ordered them from Basic Invite again this year, and I’m excited to get those babies in the mail. There’s nothing better than receiving some Christmas cheer in the mail, right?!

So, that’s it for Currently: The December Edition, and I can’t believe this is the last one of the year! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for this year’s end. Good, bad, all of it. I’m just ready for big changes in 2021, and I know that something good will rise from the ashes.

Tell me – what are you baking, decorating, gifting, hoping, and sending this year?