one week in the white mountains

snowball fight

How surreal is it that that’s a wrap on Christmas 2020? We were fortunate enough after a crazy year to be able to spend one week in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, home with family. We’d spent plenty of time waffling back and forth, weighing the pros and cons regarding health and travel and, after taking every safety measure possible, we decided to travel. We knew that with a PCS coming up in 6ish months, this may be our last chance to see family before we move, so we knew we had to take advantage of it, and I’m so glad we did.

This was Ryan’s first time meeting our baby nephew, Rhett, and it was so nice to see our babies play together. We were also lucky enough to have snow leading up to Christmas, though I’ll never forgive New Hampshire for offering us a rainy Christmas day. Nevertheless, we made the most of it and enjoyed a day as family by the woodstove, playing together, eating a late brunch and just enjoying the time together. There was something beautiful about the joy and laughter that the little ones brought into the home, and it sort of just filled the whole home with cheer.

winter in the white mountains

snow play with opa

red parka baby

winter sunset

one week in the white mountains

covered bridge photography

oma and mieke

If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s that simple is best. Truly. We don’t need elaborate parties and toasts, and we certainly don’t need thousands of dollars in gifts. We need family. Friends. Near or far, together or apart, our Christmas was based one based on connectivity – through a shared year of experiences and transitions that we’ve all weathered together.

And, I don’t know about you, but seeing the simple joy on people’s faces was truly a gift in and of itself. It seemed like the spirit of the season was alive on every face I saw, and it was really special to experience. In a year marked by transitions and change, I’d have to say this was the most beautiful Christmas season I’ve experienced in a long time – and for that I’m forever grateful. It may have just been one week in the White Mountains, but it was so good for our souls, especially as we head into a year of big changes for our family.

As we count down the days to 2021, I’m waxing nostalgic and extra reflective, and I can’t wait to share all our goals (as well as a look back on 2020) with you all later this week. We’re also super excited to start tackling our winter PNW bucket list! Cheers to the final week of 2020, my friends!