our 2020 christmas card

our 2020 christmas card

Hi friends! Can you believe that we’re just two days away from Christmas?! I’m so excited – and not just for Christmas. I feel like this is that last proverbial stepping stone before we jump into the new year, and I am beyond ready for it! While I know things won’t change overnight, you’d better believe I’m ready for that blank slate that is a new year. But, before then…Christmas! As I mentioned earlier this week, we made the trek to New Hampshire for the holidays, and I am so glad we did. This time to decompress together as a family is so needed, and we’ve been enjoying pure laziness, not going anywhere, and family meals. So, before I sign off for the holidays, I wanted to share our 2020 Christmas card with you all!

Our 2020 Christmas Card from Basic Invite

This is the third year in a row that I chose to use Basic Invite for our Christmas cards. I first found them in early 2018 when I was redesigning my business cards, and when it came to creating our cards, I was intrigued. I don’t always go for the same design with cards, but I’ll tell you one thing for sure – I don’t want to overspend on them because we usually buy quite a lot to send to our Army family, as well as our geographically dispersed family.

This year, we didn’t have time for family photos, so I wanted a design that would align with our photos from our snow day in Snoqualmie. I took them with my own Canon this year, edited them, and decided they would work, so I wanted something pretty and simple for the front. I always like writing a little life update on the back, too, so I wanted to make sure the layout would work. Best of all was the raised foil though on the front, which wasn’t that much extra. It added an extra dimension we love!

why we love basic invite

Why We Chose Basic Invite for Our Christmas Cards

There’s no shortage of places to design holiday cards, but I love Basic Invite because their price points are fair, and I find their design process to be extremely streamlined. I also enjoy how easy it is to import photos, adjust text and fonts, and trim the design as needed. The proofing process was also extra easy, and shipping was fast. After we ordered, I chose normal delivery and got it in five days.

Best of all though, I found that most of their designs were unique and, while some of the designs from other sites seemed to echo counterparts on other sites, most of the ones on Basic Invite are unique to them, alone! I should tell you, too, this post is not sponsored. I just love Basic Invite!

Our 2019 Christmas Card

Our card last year was one of my favorites of all time, and I love that the design wasn’t at all like the one we chose this year. Last year, we selected photos from Ryan’s JBLM homecoming from his last deployment, and we had a general family update on the back. It was simple, sweet, and the typography was beautiful. I mean, we were also in South Africa last Christmas, too though…

our 2019 christmas card

Time flies. I can’t believe that after a whirlwind year, we’ve nearly arrived at Christmas once again, and I’m so ready. I’ll be signing off the next few days in anticipation of the holiday and soaking up as much family time as possible. But to everyone in this holiday season, I wish you all the best. Whether new traditions or old, family together or simply in spirit, may it be a beautiful one.

Merry (early) Christmas!