our 2020 in numbers & looking ahead

our 2020 in numbers

This is always my favorite post of the entire year to write, share, and reflect on the past year before jumping into a new one. If you’re new to my blog, you can explore our 2019 in numbers here or, hell, you could just start here! Either way, I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a year to remember in so many ways, so writing out our 2020 in numbers has been extremely cathartic. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves and each other this year, and I truly believe things are just going to get better from here. So, let’s dive in.

Our 2020 in Numbers & Looking Ahead

7 // The number of TDYs Ryan (and our family) weathered together this year. Most of them were closer to home at YTC, but trust me when I say that they add up. He also spent 5+ weeks at NTC in the desert of California right in the thick of summer. I’m sure he’d love to tell you how fun that was.

19 // The number of hikes we went on as a family this year. From Emmons Moraine in the height of the summer months to a colder fall/winter hike at Staircase Rapids, we’ve been checking things off our bucket list and having fun while we do. We’ve discovered that, more than ever, we thrive outside.

3 // The number of camping trips we took! We’d hoped for a higher number, but with the pandemic, we think three was pretty good! We camped with friends near Spider Lake, then we spent a couple days camping in Leavenworth, WA, which was one of our favorite experiences together as a family.

468 // The number of miles I ran this year. I wish it was more, but I’m actually pretty proud of that number. That is the most mileage I’ve done since my knee surgery in 2018 and giving birth to Mieke in 2019. It’s a good jumping off point to next year, I think!

covered bridge photosdaddy and mieke

playing in the snow

six years of spencer bruce

baby face closeup

franklin falls hike

snow play

4 // The number of different jobs I’ve had this year. In April, I lost my job of 8 years due to the pandemic’s impact on the travel industry, and it was a huge psychological blow for a while. I then took two incredible freelance jobs and, eventually, landed a full-time job with a new company. I’ve yet to share publicly yet, but after careful consideration, I’ve decided to resign from my full-time job and, instead, freelance and do photography as we head into our big move next year. And yes, for all those asking, I hope to share it all with you soon!

2 // The number of kindergartens Spencer has attended this year. We originally had him enrolled in our local public school’s virtual learning, but he was struggling, and he was not thriving. We bit the bullet and enrolled him in our local Catholic school to take advantage of hybrid learning where, at least, he has two days in person and has seen measurable growth.

183 // The number of blog posts I’ve written here as of today! This was huge for me, and it was a big goal of mine at the end of 2019 to continue to build upon and grow this space into a travel and experience journal, as well as a resource for other military families. I’ve learned a lot along the way (and I’m still learning), but I’m carving out a little niche I love – all while meeting incredible individuals along the way.

6 // We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary at the beginning of 2020 with no clue of what was to come. This year has been challenging on so many levels, but I have to say that our marriage feels stronger than ever. Ryan’s seen me at my lowest this year after having the proverbial rug ripped out from underneath me when I lost my job, but he’s supported me through the mental – and psychological – transition into finding my new place here and now. I’m forever grateful to stand by his side on this crazy journey and path we’ve carved together.

Too Many to Count // I can’t tell you how much baking took place this year. I made so many rolls and breads during the height of quarantine (like these ever-popular sweet dinner rolls) that I couldn’t tell you how many I made. I discovered I love baking for my family. We’ve also spent more time on Zoom, Facetime, Marco Polo, and every tech/app in between staying connected with those far apart. I’ll be honest, too, and say that a lot of those calls were spent in tears with those sharing the collective trauma of the virus from afar. I’m forever grateful for technology keeping us together, even when far apart.

Looking ahead to 2021, I know that a lot remains unseen regarding how normal may look when things truly turn a corner, but I feel hopeful. I’m excited to focus on my family, prioritize my health, and chase down big dreams with my partners in crime. I’m also forever grateful for all of you who continue to read my blog. Thank you for reading and empathizing with this journey. Thank you for sharing your experiences, and thank you for being here – even when we’re far apart. When I started my blog seven years ago, I never thought it would evolve into the entity it is today, but I’m forever grateful for it!

I have a few more wrap-up posts for the year yet to come, but bring on 2021, my friends! Are you excited, too?