our winter 2020 pnw bucket list

winter 2020 pnw bucket list

As much as I held onto the last gasps of summer and fall as long as possible, I think it’s safe to say that Washington’s winter rainy season has arrived. It’s never been my favorite season. I love a good rain shower as much as the next person, but when it lasts for days on end, it gets a little old. That being said, I also know this is our last winter in Washington, so I’m making the most of our time here and loving it while we do! For those who’ve followed along for a while, you know I’m a bucket lister, so it’s time for our winter 2020 PNW bucket list!

I’ve thought extra long and hard about these ones because I know our time here is dwindling and, as much as we may not love JBLM, the views, the hikes, and the environment (if you’re willing to drive a bit) are second to none! With big changes on the horizon, I decided to stick to five main things on our list and dream big. Ready?

Our Winter 2020 PNW Bucket List

1. Go on a solo mom sunrise hike.

love hiking with my kids. Love it. It’s always an adventure, and it’s always worth the extra effort. But, there’s something entirely amazing about challenging yourself and getting out there to try something different. My friend, Maribel, and I went on a solo mom hike just over a month ago, and it was so refreshing. My next big goal is for us to take a sunrise hike! We have an idea of what we want to try…now we just need to put it into action (and wake up even earlier than my normal 4 AM alarm clock).

2. Do a polar plunge.

If you know, you know. The Moores love some cold water! We cliff jumped into Deschutes Falls, and we took a dip in the aptly-named Snow Lake. This time, however, I want to make like the locals and try a polar plunge at Alki Beach in the Seattle area. I hear the water is hovering around 49 degrees right now. Yup. That’s chilly!

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mt. rainier snowing

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3. Hike Little Si with the family.

We’ve kept our hiking distances pretty close to 3-4 miles this past year, but I think the boys are getting closer and closer to that 4-5 mile mark – comfortably. We’re learning the art of layering properly, and when we hike with our friends, our boys are usually so entertained that they forget that the hike is actually work. Little Si is a easy-moderate hike that comes in at 4.7 miles, combining views and with forest canopy, and I think it would be a fun challenge for all!

4. Explore Palouse Falls.

Okay, in all honesty, this was part of our fall bucket list, but it didn’t happen with the additional COVID restrictions. Palouse Falls has been on my bucket list for a while though, and it’s in an area of Washington we really haven’t explored yet. We love a good weekend getaway, and renting a cabin in the area while exploring the trails and scenic vistas sounds like a hit!

5. Take a winter beach trip in Olympic National Park.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you probably saw on my instagram, as well as here, that our trip to Forks was derailed by COVID – like many other things – in April of this year. We’d gone for the beaches, and we ended up actually staying in the vast majority of the time. While I love a summer beach trip, there’s something about moody skies at the beach, too, and I’m hopeful that if restrictions ease just a wee bit, we may get to explore this area, too.

When I made our original JBLM bucket list, I had a billion ideas, which was great, but it was also lofty. For my seasonal bucket lists, I do my best to temper my expectations and focus on the little adventures, as well, because it’s all a matter of perspective. These five things will fill our cups this winter and offer endless opportunity for adventure. Now, here’s hoping we find some time and space to do them!

Tell me – have you made a winter bucket list for you or your family?