six years of spencer bruce

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Dear Spencer,

Today, we celebrate six years of our Spencer Bruce!

Truth be told, you’ve been waiting for this day as long as we can remember. When I asked you yesterday how six would differ from five, you laughed and said, “six will be so much more fun, mommy!” I beg to differ, my boy. You’ve always been fun, and I can’t believe that we’ve already had six years of you in our lives. You’ve transformed us, Spencer, and we’re so glad you decided to join us when you did.

In six years, Spencer, you’ve lived in three states – Arizona, New York, and Washington. You’ve weathered two long deployments by mommy’s side and more TDYs than I’d care to count. You’ve watched friends come and go, you’ve changed schools, you’ve started kindergarten during a global pandemic, welcomed both a brother and sister, and you’ve only become stronger and more resilient with each change. I absolutely love how you gauge a challenge before you face it head on, and then just do it – because you can.

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At six years old, Spencer, you are oh-so funny, kind, smart, and sweet. You never hesitate to help your baby sister, and are best friends with Porter, which makes my heart so happy. You are ridiculously strong; to the point where mommy and daddy marvel at how many perfect pushups you can do each evening. You’re getting too big for too many things, but I know that that’s just you flexing your independence, and while my heart isn’t ready, I’m happy to see you consistently do things your way. You say that you’re going to be in the Air Force, and you’re going to be a rescue swimmer because you just want to save everybody, and we have no doubt that if you set your mind to something, you’ll do it.

My sweet boy, on your sixth birthday, we’re celebrating in true quarantine style with just our family and our quarantine family. I know this isn’t the big birthday you imagined, but when I told you why we couldn’t have a big party, you didn’t cry. You just said, “maybe next  year.” And that, my boy, is why I’m so proud to be our mama. So, on your sixth birthday, my wish for you is more fun than you could possibly imagine. I wish you laughter, and love, and friendships, and new adventures because, my boy, you’re going to soar.

Cheers to six years of Spencer Bruce. We love you so much, my big boy!