sh*t spencer says: volume 9

sh*t spencer says: volume 9

Do I have a gem for you today, or what? I’ve been keeping Sh*t Spencer Says: Volume 9 under wraps for a while for two reasons. First, I felt like I needed to wait for a rainy day – both literally and proverbially. Second, I wanted to post it when I was in a funk and needed some cheering up. Between waiting for details surrounding our upcoming PCS, work kicking my butt, and the infernal rain, today is that day, and I’m excited to share some more Spencerisms with you all.

Sh*t Spencer Says: Volume 9

// Talking about death: “If someone buries you and you die, do you fly like a magic carpet all the way up to heaven?”

I didn’t even know what to say to this one. Who showed my son Aladdin?

// Whilst eating dinner: “Mommy, may I have some water? I don’t want to barf all over your nice table.”

Two questions! 1) is this a reflection on my cooking? and 2) where did you learn such lovely manners?!

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// Reading the boys’ Bible book with Daddy at night: “Daddy, what does Jesus look like?” Ryan answered that he has darker skin and darker hair, perhaps a bit scruffy. “Oh, so he looks like ‘guy on a Buffalo’?” 

This was the moment we started really questioning our parenting abilities. Do me a favor and YouTube “Guy on a Buffalo.” Then you might better understand this one. Guys, he goes to a Catholic school.

// Whilst eating Cheerios for breakfast: “I just want to eat good Korean food.”

As far as we know, Spence has only had Korean food twice in his life…

// Getting ready for bed: “Ummm guys. I got a bad feeling. I think I have some diadarreah to do.”

A few notes here. He wasn’t wrong. He mispronounced diarrhea. #BoyMom

// Randomly. Driving in the car with Oma: “Has anyone seen Patrick Mahomes?”

My mom can attest to this one. What?!

Spencer’s comments lately have just gotten funnier and funnier. He’s honestly ridiculous and keeps us on our toes. In what felt like a bleak year last year and in a time of intense waiting and stress, his wit keeps us laughing, and I’m so grateful for that! I hope Sh*t Spencer Says: Volume 9 made you smile, too! If you’re newer here, you can find the last installments here:

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