the moores are moving! (again)

best pcs announcement

I know you’ve all been patiently waiting while I’ve been (im)patiently desperate for the real word of where we’re heading next on our Army journey. Today, I’m excited to share that the Moores are moving (again) this summer, and we can finally share where!

Next stop for the Moore family: Camp Humphreys, South Korea!

When we first mentioned this duty station as a possibility to family, we had a lot of questions, so I figured I’d address them here has best as possible. First and foremost, yes! We absolutely wanted this duty station. We decided that when the career marketplace opened that Ryan would place this in his number one spot in terms of preferences. Ryan’s last deployment was to South Korea, and if you remember in late 2015, Ryan was TDY there, as well. If we’d stayed longer at JBLM, he would have done another 9-month rotation to South Korea again. Instead, our PCS is a command sponsored move to the other side of the world – meaning we go together.

the moores are moving

army moving announcement

best pcs announcements

So, what about the kids? And the pets? And all the things? The kids are going to do great! This is the perfect age for them to move to, learn about, and immerse themselves in another culture. Korean lessons are starting, and we’re committed to diving in. We also fully intend to bring our fur babies with us.

Now, for the elephant in the room. What about COVID? Honestly, there is a lot up in the air in general when it comes to COVID. PCSs are still happening. Before hard orders are actually cut, we’ll run the gamut of all the tests, all the screenings and, of course, be tested prior to our move. Assuming things don’t change before then, we will also quarantine for two weeks upon arrival. So, what’s our timeline? As of right now, Ryan’s been told that his report date is at the end of June. That means we’ll likely move the end of the first week(ish) of June!

As with everything in the military, things can always change. When Ryan and I were engaged, we had orders to Germany. They were rescinded, and we moved to Fort Drum instead. Things happen, and nothing is a done deal in this sort of thing until you’re on that plane. But, yes, we’re excited! The Moores are moving, and it’s going to be a heck of an adventure!