currently: the february edition

currently: the february edition

It’s officially February, and ya girl couldn’t be more excited to bid January adieu. I don’t know about you, but January is just one of those months that feels eternal to me. I think it’s because it’s like a sense of limbo after the holidays, after the new year, after the fresh start. February though? Blank slate – and one step closer to the Moores moving to Korea! But today, it’s time for another round of Currently, the monthly feature from Anne in Residence in which we share five things as prompted.

Currently: The February Edition

Loving // I think one of the things I’m loving the most right now is the finite nature of our time here at JBLM. It’s making me appreciate the beauty of the PNW more than ever, and it’s encouraging me to get out there with my family and explore – regardless of the weather. We wrapped our third hike of the year at Winter Block last Saturday, and we have so many adventures yet to come before we leave. I’m loving the opportunity to still explore…all while knowing new and big things are ahead.

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Reading // I’ll be honest with you here. I binge watched Bridgerton on Netflix, and it convinced me to read the series by Julia Quinn that inspired the show. Right now, I’m reading book two, The Viscount Who Loved Me. Sidenote: who else has watched the show, and who has read the books?! Total guilty pleasure!

Remembering // Right now, I’m remembering all the things that were on our original JBLM bucket list and thinking of how we can possibly cram more in our 4ish months left that remain here. I’m also remembering how grateful I am for this time here – as hard as this duty station has been. It’s been a season of immeasurable growth for us as a family, as well as for me as a military spouse.

Sharing // All the recipes! When quarantine first hit last year, I dove headfirst into the world of baking. Lately, I’ve been finding comfort in creating recipes again, and I’m sharing the goodies I’m making for our family and friends. I made the best pretzel knots a couple weeks ago, and I’m planning to share the easiest (yummiest!) coffee cake next week!

Wishlisting // I’m wishlisting every single adventure ahead for when we move to Korea this summer! While the logical side of me knows that travel will likely be more limited than we’d like this year, we’re heading into a three year accompanied tour to South Korea, giving us ample time to explore the Far East together. What do you think we should add to that list?!