our review of the lugabug travel seat

lugabug review

I know. Travel is the proverbial elephant in the room right now and, perhaps I’m in the minority here, but I truly believe our travel days are coming again soon. Ryan and I are extremely passionate about traveling with our kids, and with a huge move to Korea coming up and plenty of planned (and hopeful) travels in our future, we work hard to find great gear that makes traveling easier. If you’ve ever tried to navigate an airport with young children, you know that, more often than not, it’s a nightmare. That’s why we decided to try the Lugabug travel seat.

What is the Lugabug Travel Seat?

Simply put, Lugabug is unique travel seat that attaches to your luggage, creating a safe, comfortable, and easy way to navigate the airport with young kids. It’s advertised as a “hands-free way to carry your child while traveling” and allows your littles to hitch a ride (literally) while you pull them comfortably through the crowds. In these pandemic times, it’s extra ideal because little hands like to wander and touch things, and the Lugabug keeps your little safe and secure.

lugabug travel seat review

lugabug travel seat

What We Love About Lugabug

First and foremost, nobody wants an extra bulky contraption while traveling. It’s hard enough to secure headspace in economy without trying to squish yet another carryon overhead. Lugabug is collapsible, making it a compact option for transporting your littles through the airport. It’s also that ideal stopgap between wearing your child or pushing them in a stroller, or them having their own personal stroller and moving along by themselves. It’s also just 19 oz, so the added weight of the seat is next to nothing.

We love that when we travel, we can simply attach our Lugabug travel seat to our carryon bag prior to arriving at the airport then unzipping it when we arrive. After parking, Mieke happily clambers on independently and rides in style while we navigate through ticketing, security, and make our way to our gate.

Is Lugabug the Best New Travel Gear for Kids?

The Lugabug has a little bit of a learning curve. I highly recommend you unpack it and size it to your carryon before getting to the airport. Our suitcase is 18″, which is within Lugabug’s usage requirements of between 18 and 22″. It is also designed specifically for children ages 2 and older to use on rolling luggage. Some things worth noting:

  • There is a single lap strap with a clasp, and that was probably our only real qualm with it; Mieke didn’t like it, and the clasp was hard to maneuver.
  • The seat is not designed for your child to sit attached to the luggage while not being pulled. Children should only be on it while riding.
  • Lugabug can, however, be used as a standalone camping seat, popping open for use while not attached to a suitcase.
  • Lugabug is made of a hammock-like material, designed to be flexible, and isn’t made to be a rigid seat.
  • You’ll need to stabilize the suitcase while your child sits in it, or it will tip over.
  • Lugabug works best on soft-sided luggage. We used it with polycarbonate, which caused for a little bit of issues in terms of adjusting the size, but it was overall quite comfortable and made for a smooth ride through the airport.

is lugabug worth it

bigger kids lugabug

What I, personally, love most about Lugabug is that it’s an invention that was dreamed into existence by a mother who wanted to create an easier way to travel comfortably with her young kiddos. In speaking with her, she takes every review to heart and works to implement feedback into future models. But, in all honesty, I can say this is a solid design and Lugabug has earned a spot on our future travels. In fact, Mieke and Porter argued over who could sit on it. Any guesses who won?

Lugabug is available for purchase both on the Lugabug website and on Amazon (and both ship fast!)

Tell me – have you heard of Lugabug? Would you try a product like this?