5 on friday: wins for the week

first covid vaccine

Happy Friday, friends! I’ve been a little less present on the blog this week because I intentionally decided to take a mental break and try to focus on the present. With Ryan TDY, working, prepping for our PCS to Korea, and parenting solo, I’ve really had to ground myself in the here and now, especially after a rough start to the week. Monday was one of those days that just goes from bad to worse, but it turned around in grand fashion, and I’m beyond grateful for how this week ended! So, it’s time to celebrate this week’s wins for the week as we head into the weekend!

Wins for the Week

1 // I received my first COVID vaccine

This one is so big, guys. I honestly didn’t think getting the vaccine was in the cards…at all. On Monday, a friend let me know about extra doses at a popup clinic in town, and I packed the kids and raced over, only to be a four cars too late to receive mine. I was absolutely devastated; I didn’t realize how much it meant to me until I couldn’t get it. I resigned myself to the fact that it wasn’t meant to happen, and a friend messaged me Tuesday afternoon to let me know there’s a vaccine clinic on post and that DEERS (military) beneficiaries are eligible. I called to check, and it was true, so I made an appointment for the following day. Up until the moment of my first dose, I expected to be turned away, but I got it, and it was such a beautiful relief. I’ll have my second dose in a few weeks and pray all my friends who want it are as blessed as I’ve been – especially with a huge OCONUS move looming ahead.

2 // Spencer is nighttime potty-trained

Okay, overshare (perhaps), but this is a big one. Spencer’s been hit or miss for a while now, and though he’s wanted to sleep without a nighttime pullup, he wasn’t consistent enough to do so. Well, that changed this week, and he went a full week completely dry at night! He is so proud, and so are we!

wins for the week mid march

chambers bay play time

almost two

stormy chambers bay

playtime at chambers bay wins for the week

3 // We finally made progress getting our replacement vehicle title

Long story short, the title to our Honda Civic went missing in our last PCS, and we’ve been unable to re-register our car (or do anything, for that matter). After several months of trying, I finally got in touch with someone in the New York State titles bureau, she located our missing application for a duplicate title, and it’s finally on its way to us.

4 // All of our EFMP paperwork is in

This one is huge, too! If you’re wondering what EFMP is, you can check out some of my most commonly tossed-about military acronyms, but it’s basically a physical/mental health screening designed to determine whether military dependents are physically and mentally ready and sound enough for an OCONUS assignment. It’s been a beast to finagle all the paperwork, but it’s finally in, and our screening should be soon. It’s the next big hurdle before we can start arranging the details.

5 // We’re getting closer to listing our home in NY

If you’ve been following us for some time, you’ll know that we owned our home in Black River/Fort Drum, NY. We’ve been renting it for the past few years to absolutely fabulous military tenants who are also PCSing. So, we’ve decided that it’s time to sell, and we’re getting closer to putting it on the market – kind of the end of an era, if you will!

Despite the rough start to this week, we found ourselves with an abundance of wins for the week, and I’m so grateful! We’re hoping this week will get the ball rolling faster with PCS prep and getting things going, so cheers to the weekend, my friends!

Tell me – what are some of your wins for the week?