currently: the march edition

currently: the march edition

For some reason, I’m a bit at a loss for words that we’re back in March…almost a year to the day when the world seemingly stopped turning in 2020. Nevertheless, it’s here, we’re at the three month  mark until our PCS to South Korea, and we’re making our way through what should very well be our last TDY at JBLM. But today? Today, it’s time for another round of Currently, a monthly feature from Anne in Residence in which we share five things we are currently doing. So, without further ado, it’s time for Currently: the March Edition.

Currently: The March Edition

Choosing // What to take with us to South Korea and deciding what should go into our storage or just be left behind. It’s a little bit chaotic, to be honest, but I actually don’t hate this part of PCS season. It lets us continue to minimize the excess in our lives, which we’ve found to be a really liberating thing in our lives.

Imagining // We’re imagining all the incredible travels we will eventually get to experience once we reach Asia. We have so many countries, cities, beaches, mountains, and more on our bucket list for our time at Camp Humphreys, and imagining all the incredible adventures we’re having is getting us through the chaos of here and now. I’m also imagining what exactly life will look like for us in Korea. Craziness!

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snow at jblm

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things we're loving lately

Making // Right now, I’m making a concerted effort not to get too stressed. I know that’s not the traditional sense of the word here, but I feel like this is the best way to explain where we are right now. So, I’m making an effort to prioritize self-care, prep lists, and give myself emotional space to do all the things we’ve still got to do here.

Recommending // I’m not big on makeup, but right now, I totally recommend Seint makeup! I bought through my good friend Ashlee, and I’m blown away by the quality of these blush/lip duos. They’re simplifying my already minimal makeup routine, and I love it!

Wearing // I think I abandoned all sense of real clothes back in March of 2020. I’m still wearing all the leggings all the time. I can’t even just blame the fact that I work from home…I just like my comfort these days. Maybe I’ll wear real clothes come summer?!

But seriously, friends. How are you feeling being back here in March, a year past the original lockdowns? While the word “normal” in relation to life doesn’t really carry much weight anymore, I am hopeful that there will be a light at the end of an otherwise seemingly endless tunnel that we’ve all been running down for so long.

So, tell me – what are you currently choosing, imagining, making, recommendingwearing?