the weekend we went back into quarantine

back into quarantine

Is March over yet? But seriously. I feel a little bit like we’re living our own little version of Groundhog Day here right now because as of this past weekend, we went back into quarantine. Washington continues to reopen gradually, which is wonderful, and we made it a whole glorious year without any known COVID exposure. Yet, here we are in 2021, and the kids and we were exposed to a positive case of COVID last week and didn’t find out until Friday. Hence…lockdown.

The good news is this; the kids and I were all tested, and we are all negative. Our doctor said that, due to the amount of time that passed between exposure and our testing, we likely would’ve shown positive if we had COVID. The bad news is, regardless, we have to quarantine. We’ll be tested again next Saturday, and we’re praying that our tests remain negative and that when we hit that 14-day mark past exposure, we can get out and about and exploring again.

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Now, let me just saying that finding out we needed to head back into quarantine was not something I wanted to hear. At all. I was unreasonably (or reasonably, depending on how you look at it) angry, and I’m honestly pretty darn bitter about it. To make it a whole year through this with no known exposure and then to have this just two months from our PCS to Korea? Mean. Just plain mean.

I had the full weekend to really change my perspective though. We’re sad that Ryan can’t quarantine with us, but we’re eager to reunite once this has all passed. These two weeks give us time to really soak up some springtime together a little closer to home. It’s a little less adventurous than I’d liked, but I’ll be honest and say that we have some really good memories from our last quarantine, and as we dive back into quarantine again, I know we’re going to make some beautiful memories again – even if not for the best reason.

I’ll be the first person to admit that I don’t always react the best to stressful situation in the beginning. My first reaction is always fueled by raw emotion, and it takes over everything. As things settle though, I’m able to find those silver linings, and we’re already making the best of it. The grass is mowed. The trampoline is out. Even at a brisk 54 degrees, we’re making the most of every sunny second…and rainy second…of springtime in the PNW. Our home is still our home, and our packers haven’t come yet, so we’re still comfortable and happy.

So, cheers to riding out another quarantine, I guess! Pray for our sanity (and my waistline as I bake all the things).