two years of mieke jean

two years of mieke jean

Dear Mieke Jean,

Today, you are two years old!

My sweet little peach, you’ve seen and done so much in your two years of life, and we can’t even seem to remember life before you were born. You’ve blessed our little family immeasurably with your sweet and spicy personality, your funny little antics, and your goofy personality. You waited until you were good and ready to start walking, but once you were walking, you were running, and I’m forever grateful for last year’s quarantine because we got to share all those little milestones and moments with you.

You speak full sentences, you remember everything, and you’re so insanely smart that it baffles us sometimes! You’re like a little sponge, repeating phrases back to us, remembering your all your friends and teachers’ names, and wanting to help with absolutely everything. You’re a little mama, and you love your dollies and babies, and you always give your brothers hugs and kisses goodnight. You love your daddy something fierce, and you run to the door to greet him every single day like it’s been forever since you’ve seen him. Our special time is tubby time, and I get to watch you “swim,” play with your cups, and pretend you’re a fish, and it never fails to make me smile.

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newly two

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Mieke, words can’t describe how much better life is with you in it. You make our little world that much brighter, and I love watching you learn and grow. Though you’re still not the biggest fan of staying in the carrier on all our  hikes, I know that once you’re ready to do your first hike on your own two feet, you won’t stop.

Today, on your second birthday, we’re spending it in quarantine together just like your first birthday, and – like before – I’m grateful for this mixed little blessing because we get to spend your special day with you. Celebrations with friends can come later, but for now, I’ll soak up all our snuggles and smiles, and pretend that you’ll be my little baby forever.

Happy birthday, Mieksie bean! We sure do love you!