using photowall to create a custom canvas print

using photowall to create our custom canvas print

Military life is a transient kind of existence. For those service members who choose to do the full 20 years, moving six or seven times in their career – or more – is not uncommon. Ryan and I are on our third married duty station, and he had one station prior to our relationship. When we were stationed at Fort Drum, we quickly learned how fast time flies and how important it is to create memories and find mementos of each place we’ve lived. In New York, we had a custom Amish-built table made, and we bought an upcycled church pew from a church that burned down. We knew we wanted to do something to commemorate our time here in Washington, and we finally decided to use Photowall to create a custom canvas print of some one of our favorite memories.

Make Custom Canvas Prints with Photowall

There are a lot of canvas companies on the market, and we’ve used a few different companies for the prints we have in our home, but we’re pretty picky when it comes to creating canvas prints. Photowall is a mural factory based out of Sweden that strives to minimize its environmental impact in all its operations, which is something that’s really important to me. All production is made to order, meaning products are only produced as required, and items aren’t held in stock and discarded if not needed or wanted. Created in 2006, Photowall merged a technical background in an interest in design – and an emphasis on wallpaper – to create a company determined to create unmatched quality in each design produced.

We chose to go with Photowall to create our custom canvas print because their designs are exquisite, never pixelated, and render perfectly. And, for a company based overseas, communication is flawless, service is unmatched, and the shipping time is insanely fast. We received our printed canvas within five days, which is a lot better than many stateside companies. Ultimately though, the quality is what convinced us that Photowall was right for us.

photowall custom canvas print

How Photowall Canvas Prints from Sweden Differ

One of my biggest issues with buying canvases is the packaging they come in. It’s bulky, prone to being smashed and, more often than not, extremely wasteful. Photowall came up with an ingenious solution. Rather than shipping you a pre-assembled canvas, you’ll receive your canvas rolled up with an easy-to-assemble frame in the same box. Simply lay flat, use the adhesive panels to attach the wood frame, tighten the screws, and voila – you have a custom canvas that’s honestly superior to most on the market.

assemble photowall custom canvas

assemble photowall canvas

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Should I trust the Photowall Reviews?

Hands down, yes. Trust every good review you see. The biggest thing for us is knowing that the frame of our new custom Photowall canvas is secure so when we move, it’s not prone to break like others on the market. Personally, I love a good little DIY, and it was neat to be able to unroll and hold the canvas print myself, able to see that there’s no pixelation whatsoever and the colors are crisp and clean. Even though we’re moving in just over two months, I couldn’t wait to hang this in our bedroom and remember that beautiful snowy day at Gold Creek Pond.

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A Photowall Discount Code for You

I love sharing products that work for us, and I especially love being able to share the wealth! Photowall graciously offered my readers a 25% discount code that is good for two months (so, until the end of May!) Create a custom canvas with your own print, or check out their gallery of incredible pieces. Then, use this code: lovinglifemoore25 for 25% off your order!

Tell me – have you ever heard of Photowall?