5 on friday: wins for the week

wins for the week april 16

TGIF, my friends! Honestly, I am beyond glad this week is done. You know those weeks where seemingly everything goes wrong and there are really no apparent wins? This was one of those weeks, and I found it hard to blog, in all honesty. If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw in my stories that we’re in limbo right now with our move to Korea, and it’s beyond frustrating. For those who understand military life, we’re waiting on our command sponsorship to make its way back to JBLM. Until we have that, Ryan’s orders will only have his name on them, and until the command sponsorship makes it here, we can’t be added as his dependents to move with him. It’s tedious, to say the least, and the limbo has us all on edge. But, we’re doing our best to keep our chins up, roll with the punches, and celebrate our wins for the week…even if they are because of the chaos of the week.

Wins for the Week

1 // Our home sale fell through…but this isn’t the end

We received an offer on our house at Fort Drum this past weekend, and we countered and signed a contract on Sunday. In true military fashion, our buyers received a change in their orders five days after starting the process. So, our house was relisted, and we start the process over again. The win here though? We already have additional showings, so we’re hopeful!

2 // The weather has been beyond gorgeous

We’ve been blessed by the PNW gods sending us sunshine, warm weather, and perfect blue skies all week. It’s going to cool down a little midweek next week, but we’re soaking up every ounce of sun we possibly can, and we’re grateful for the season turning! There’s nothing better than park picnics with great friends in the evening.

pre pcs wins for the week

kids hiking cougar wa

brother and sister

hunt the good

3 // I stayed safe in an incredibly dangerous situation

I’ve kept really quiet about this one this past week because, honestly, I didn’t know how to address it. My family and closest friends knew, but that’s about it. Basically, I went grocery shopping on Tuesday afternoon by Spencer’s school, got out of my car, and immediately heard loud pops and screaming, and I saw people running. There was a shooting about 20 yards from me in the parking lot. I didn’t even register that it was gunfire, but I got back in my car, and I stayed safe. I gave my statement – I didn’t see anything – and nobody was injured, but it was absolutely terrifying, and it definitely rattled me.

4 // I’ve been running a lot more (and biking)

I find it much easier to run when it’s sunny outside because I really hate the treadmill. It’s just not my jam. With the warmer temperatures and sunny skies, I’ve made a point of running with Danny, bumping up my mileage and clearing my head. Running will forever be my therapy, and I’m excited for races in Korea this summer and fall. What should I do first?!

5 // We’re healthy, and we’re together

I’ve mentioned time and again that military life offers a state of constant flux. We are always counting down or looking forward to what’s next, and it can be really hard. We’re definitely in one of those seasons of change and uprooting, and it sucks when you look at it on a day-to-day basis. In the big picture though? We’re healthy. Ryan and I are fully vaccinated. The weather is turning, and we have time to enjoy our last spring here in the PNW – together. That’s a blessing in and of itself.

I’m sorry I’ve been a little absent lately, my friends! PCS season is chaos, and it sucks, if we’re being totally candid. I hope you’ll stick with me through the suck because I can’t wait to share all our adventures yet to come. Happy weekend!

Tell me – what are some of your wins for the week?