5 on friday: wins for the week

wins for the week april 30

Happy Friday, friends! I feel like this blog and my wins for the week have been entirely taken over by PCS preparations, but moving across the world is insanity, to say the least. We move every three years, but it never really gets easier, per se. We get used to the chaos and the not knowing, but when the moving prep begins, it tends to be all-consuming. There’s a lot to celebrate in these wins for the week though because it’s almost like the end of an era, and it’s coming fast.

Wins for the Week

1 // All our PCS pack outs and travel is planned and scheduled

After waiting for what felt like eons, we got command sponsorship (CSP) last week! Just like we’d expected, as soon as our CSP came through, things hit fast and hard. Ryan managed to schedule our long-term storage, unaccompanied baggage, and household goods pack outs, as well as our actual PCS travel. We officially depart for South Korea on June 23rd. Now, we’re in the thick of A-3 visa and SOFA passport appointments.

2 // Oma and Opa arrive today

Our kiddos have no idea, but my parents are flying in today to see us one last time in the PNW before we head to Korea in June. Thankfully, both  my parents are fully-vaccinated now, as are Ryan and I, so travel feels a little bit more comfortable and feasible. It’s just for a long weekend, but I’m so grateful to see them again before we leave the US.

army blogger wins for the week

mieke 2 years old

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family friendly fun near jblm

half marathon training wins for the week

3 // I completed my first week of half marathon training

Before you ask – no. I don’t actually have my sights set on a specific half marathon. I am, however, working to get back into decent training shape because it makes me feel healthier and happier. Completing a week of running training, as well as cross-training on my Peloton has felt so good, and I’m excited to keep working on my fitness through the summer and into the new year.

4 // We’re planning our road trip before our move

Our household goods are being packed up and moved out the final week of May, which means we’ll have almost a month without any belongings in our house. We’re planning to do a little road trip out to Utah to see Ryan’s family, as well as (perhaps) Wyoming/Idaho for a little break before the moving/quarantine chaos begins in earnest!

5 // We successfully(ish) added our pets to our PCS flight reservations

I use ish here because I’ve been calling our airline every other day to confirm our pets are actually on our reservation. Thus far, we’ve confirmed that our airline has our cat, Jasper, with a spot in-cabin with us, but Danny’s been a bit trickier. Because it’s a code-share flight, it has to be submitted and accepted by both airlines. The ball’s been dropped a few times, but I’m confident Danny will get on our flight as excess baggage, which is the ideal situation.

My big goal in the coming weeks is to see, do, and enjoy as much of the PNW and this area as we still can before we go. Whether that means one last trip to the mountains, or a night out by the water, I’m hoping to plan, do, and share it with you all. We’re ready to make new memories in Korea, but we’ll definitely miss the magic natural beauty of the PNW. Before I wax too nostalgic though, cheers to a beautiful weekend, my friends! I hope you have fun things planned.

Tell me – what are some of your wins for the week?