currently: the april edition

currently the april edition

You guys…dare I say that spring may actually have sprung here in the PNW?! I know I mentioned it on my instagram the other day, and I also know I regretted saying this last year, but I’m honestly hoping that I can will spring into existence because I need it. I need blossoms, and sunshine, and warmth, and all the outdoor time before the chaos of PCS season hits us fast and furious. But I digress because it’s time for Currently: The April Edition! Currently is a monthly feature from Anne in Residence in which we share five things we are currently doing, so let’s dive in!

Currently: The April Edition

Arranging // Right now, I’m just arranging all the paperwork I can into our PCS binder. We still don’t have Command Sponsorship, which is making us slightly crazy because we’re in a holding pattern, which sucks. For those unfamiliar, it means we can’t schedule packers, or flights, or anything really because the kids and I aren’t on Ryan’s orders right now. When that does come through, I’m hoping to dive right into arranging all that craziness, too. For now, I’m just arranging what I can and trying to stay sane.

Craving // Honestly, I’m craving those long, lazy summer evenings outside with friends. It’s been a long and rainy winter here at JBLM, and I’m ready to close out our time here in style. I’m craving all the time with our good friends here because saying goodbye – even if it’s a “see you later” – is never easy.

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Discussing // We’re in the throes of listing our home by Fort Drum on the market, so we’re deep in discussions about the minutiae of all the details. From list price to listing photos, walkthroughs, and all the arrangements, it’s been chaos for both us and our tenants. We’ll be sad to close this chapter on our time in New York for good, but we’re also ready to sell our home to someone new who will love it as much as we did.

Enjoying // We’re enjoying spring playdates at the playground with all our friends and allllllllll the sunny hikes! After a lot of rainy, gray, and cold hikes this past winter, we finally did a sunny hike on Monday (more on that later), and it honestly felt like heaven. It was so good for the soul. Likewise, lazy afternoons with the kids playing at the playground and the moms chilling together has literally been soul fuel, and it doesn’t get much better.

Preparing // I might sound like a fatalist with this one, but I’m preparing myself for the chaos that’s to come. I’m low-key stressed about everything we have on our plate in the next couple months. From getting our house sold to packing up our lives here, arranging for pet travel, finishing out Kindergarten for Spencer, and staying sane, there’s a lot coming down the pipe. So, I’m doing my best to mentally prepare myself for the lack of stability we’ll have for a while…soon.

The April edition of Currently was hard for me! I felt like it made me think a lot more than some of the past months, and I think my brain already stopped working for the day. In all seriousness though, we’ll take all the good vibes and prayers that people want to throw our way, pretty please! I have a feeling that everything is going to hit hard and fast all at once, and I’d very much like to maintain some semblance of sanity through it all!

Tell me – what are you arrangingcravingdiscussingenjoying, and preparing this April?