easter 2021: our last one at jblm

easter 2021 at jblm

We’ve got one more day of this blessed four-day weekend here at JBLM, but that’s a wrap on Easter 2021 – and our final Easter here at JBLM. When I wrote last week, we were hopeful to emerge from our COVID quarantine soon, and Ryan’s doctor cleared him on Friday! His symptoms had lessened, it was more than 14 days from the initial symptoms, and the kids and I still tested negative for the virus, so we had plenty to celebrate this weekend.

Last Easter, we were in the thick of lockdown out here in the PNW. Things were weird, and scary, and new, and yet we made the best of a challenging holiday here at home and had fun, nonetheless. Easter 2021 was a little different. We were able to celebrate with close friends. We enjoyed fresh air. We soaked up a semblance of health and freedom that we haven’t felt in a while, and it was perfectly fitting for the Easter holiday.

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Mieke was still such a baby for Easter last year. She didn’t understand the holiday, she didn’t hunt for Easter eggs, and it was really just the boys doing the egg hunt. This year was special because our newly-minted two-year-old got her first taste of Easter egg hunting, and she loved it! Let’s be honest though…the chocolate inside was all she really wanted.

We decided this year that we weren’t going to do Easter gift baskets. For one, our children don’t need any more things. They are blessed with so many material possessions, and we really wanted them to enjoy the beauty and simplicity of the holiday without extra extravagance. Plus, I honestly feel like a fun Easter egg hunt and treat with friends is more than gift enough – and they seemed to agree, as evidenced by their bubble-blowing antics in the backyard post egg hunt.

Honestly, this was a sweet one; a simple holiday and just what we needed after a crazy and chaotic end to Ryan’s final (hopefully) TDY here at JBLM. We didn’t get to hike this past weekend, but we’re spending our Monday on a mountain before diving into our last big push before our PCS to South Korea!

Tell me – did you do anything special for Easter if you celebrate?