5 on friday: wins for the week

wins for the week may 7

Happy Friday, friends! I had a lot of other things I’d planned to write and/or share this week, but none of them actually happened because a) I got distracted with work and b) moving is all-consuming. It’s been a busy week around here, and I feel like now that we know when we’re going, time is flying at lightning pace. We’re doing our best to stay as sane as possible, tackling day-to-day tasks, starting the process of separating our belongings for different pack-outs, and more. Plus, we got to spend last weekend with my parents, which gave us a little break while we hiked Marymere Falls Trail. We’re getting stuff done though – as chaotic as it might be – so it’s time for another round of Wins for the Week.

Wins for the Week

1 // We had our SOFA passport appointment

Okay, so we had scheduled our A-3 Visa and SOFA passport appointments for this week, but it turns out that we need to do the SOFA passports before we can do the visas. So, we swapped them around, and the gracious people in the office helped us to submit our documents for our SOFA passports seamlessly. For those unfamiliar, a SOFA passport is a Standard of Forces Agreement passport, which is basically a diplomatic passport/agreement between the US that details the rights and privileges of service members in that assigned country. This SOFA passport is required for us to remain there on orders.

sofa passports

wins for the week moving prep

2 // Danny’s travel crate arrived

When we got our orders and arranged our travel, our next order of business was to ensure that the pets (our cat, Jasper, and our dog, Danny) could come on the flight with us. Jasper isn’t so hard because he’ll travel in-cabin, but Danny will have to travel as excess baggage in the hold. We ordered her a 500 series crate, which is big enough for her, and it finally arrived yesterday. Spoiler alert – she’s terrified of it (not shocking).

3 // We picked a few hikes in Utah to tackle during our road trip

Our household goods are being packed up and shipped the final week of May, which means we’ll have almost a month with just about nothing in our home. Because we don’t want to be stuck uncomfortably for that whole month, we decided we’d travel out to Utah to say goodbye to Ryan’s family in Utah before we go. While we’re out there, we’re going to do a few fun hikes because, well, why not? Let’s make the most of it!

what to do at saltar's point

saltar's point family time

rocky beaches near jblm

4 // I did my second 45-minute ride on my Peloton

Since getting the Peloton, I’ve stuck primarily with 20- and 30-minute rides, but I’ve been trying to push myself a little out of my comfort zone. I did my second 45-minute ride yesterday with Ally Love, and ohmygosh it destroyed me…in the best possible way. I can definitely feel my fitness increasing as I run, bike, and cross train, and I love it!

5 // I’ve officially labeled just about everything in our house

“What are you talking about?” you ask? Well, allow me to clarify. Moving OCONUS means we’re only allotted a certain amount of our household weight to come with us. We get long-term storage, but not all of our stuff can come with us to Korea. So, basically, everything in our home now says something like “stay,” “storage,” “dump,” or “ship.” A lot of this has been with us since Ryan and I first got married, and a lot of it just isn’t coming with. Chaos, I tell you.

Are you tired of hearing about our PCS and move to Korea yet? If so, I’m sorry! It’s honestly an all-consuming process, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t daunting. I’m grateful, however, that we still have time to play around and explore while we are in the process though, and I’m hopeful things will come together!

Tell me – what are your wins this week?