5 on friday: wins for the week

beach at port townsend

Is it just me, or are the days and weeks absolutely flying right now? We knew that time would fly once we got to this point because the PCS process is pretty much all-consuming. Somehow it still surprises me every time though. We’re 39 days from moving day. If that doesn’t make things feel really real, I don’t know what will. Thankfully, things have been moving right along and, even with trials mixed in, we’re doing pretty well while things continue to move full-steam ahead. But for now, it’s time for another round of Wins for the Week, in which we share the positive of the week before and focus on the good as we head into the weekend.

Wins for the Week

1 // We gave notice to the kids’ schools

This one is a mixed bag of emotions. It’s a win because we actually solidified the dates, but it’s so sad because Porter and Mieke’s preschool, specifically, has been a part of our lives for three years. Mieke’s been attending since she was nine weeks old. Porter’s been there since he was Mieke’s age. Spencer will be finishing up kindergarten the final week of May, so we’re doing this thing.

2 // Our first pack out is done

Our first movers arrived right on time on Tuesday and packed up all our long-term storage belongings. This pack out consisted of all the stuff we’re not taking with us to Korea including lamps that aren’t dual voltage, hundreds of pounds of books, our treadmill, shelving, and more. It will stay in storage in Washington state until we move to our next CONUS duty station, then it will be shipped to us.

oconus pcs prep

oconus long term storage

wins for the week mid may

final weeks in washington

final hikes in washington wins for the week

running wins for the week

3 // Our pets are officially transferred to McChord Vet

Since we arrived at JBLM, our pets have been seen off post at DuPont Veterinary. It’s been a great place for us, but we wanted our pets to go on post until our move now because they’re more familiar with the OCONUS PCS process. Jasper had his FAVN on Monday, and once the results are back, we’ll just need to wait for their health certificates for travel about 10 days prior to our move.

4 // I got a new glasses prescription

If you follow me on instagram, you likely saw that I ran out of contacts a couple weeks ago. I am so lazy that I waited until the very last second to order more, then I tore my last contact. I put my old glasses on, and the prescription wasn’t nearly strong enough. So, I finally went to the eye doctor and got a new glasses prescription so (hopefully) I won’t run into this issue again.

5 // I’m up to 5 miles running

This is a big one! We’ve had fantastic weather this past week, so I’ve been enjoying it to its fullest and doing all my training runs outside. I’m finally back up to five miles, and while I’m pretty slow, it feels really good to be moving comfortably again. What do you think…should I sign up for a half in Korea this summer?!

We’re planning on going for a hike tomorrow morning with our friends, and we’re hoping this isn’t our last hike here in Washington. Then, we’ll be prepping for our next pack out on Monday, as well as planning our roadtrip prior to that final week before the move. It’s moving friends (pun intended).

Tell me – what are some of your wins for the week?