5 on friday: wins for the week

wins for the week pcs prep

Happy Friday, friends! It’s an emotional day over here for the Moore family, as this wraps one of the biggest weeks leading up to our PCS to Korea. We now live in an empty house, and we’ll continue to do so until our household goods make it to Korea later this summer. We knew that when things started moving, they’d move, but it’s always a little extra crazy when they do. We’re prepping to head on a little road trip this weekend to see Ryan’s family one more time before we move, and hopefully that will give us some time to re-center and regroup before the move actually happens. So, in the meantime, it’s time for another round of Wins for the Week!

Wins for the Week

1 // Our SOFA passports arrived

This was a big one! Right after our command sponsorship was approved, we made appointments for our no-fee passports (or government passports). While we all have tourist passports, the SOFA passports are what will allow us to stay in Korea as government-sponsored residents for the next three years. Think of it like this; our tourist passports allow us to travel outside of Korea, and our SOFA passports allow us resident entry back to Korea whilst stationed there.

2 // Our household goods were officially packed on Wednesday

As per usual, Ryan and I did more than we needed to in order to prep for our packers to arrive. I mentioned in my last post that our packers allotted three days to complete the moving process for us. It took them less than a full day. We’d prepped clothes, closets, loaded gear into totes, and done our best to sort what was staying and what was going and, in the end, it went quickly. These bare walls make me miss this military home we created here, but they’re a sign of changes yet to come.

pcsing wins for the week

moving household goods


3 // Our kids finish their school year today

Today is Spencer’s last day of Kindergarten. After a rough start to the year with COVID and remote learning, we’re so grateful we were able to enroll him in private school for face-to-face learning where he’s thrived. We’ll miss his little school, but we’re excited to see him grow and flourish in Korea, too! Mieke and Porter finish their preschool education in Washington today, as well. This one is bittersweet. Their preschool has been their second home since Porter was 2 and Mieke was just 9 months. We’ll miss the teachers and the school so much. Mieke will head into Korean preschool later this summer (more on that later), and Porter will head onto Kindergarten!

4 // I have my final photography session this evening

I started doing photography earlier this year, thanks in large part to the encouragement of my mentor and friend, Lynsey. I’ve been beyond blessed to stay busy with this little passion of mine (Missy Moore Photography), and this evening wraps my final family session here at JBLM. I may have one little styled session before I leave in that last week we’re here, but that’s it. Here’s hoping I find great clients in Korea, too!

5 // We scheduled our final-out appointments

I know this all might sound foreign, but there’s a lot that goes into moving/clearing a military house. While we scheduled our move-out day last week, our final cleaning, bulk pickup (for the last-minute stuff we’re not taking), pre-inspection, and more are all in the books now. It’s really happening.

PCSing is a process. I always forget what a crazy season this time of life is, then we’re in the thick of its ebbs and flows, and then it’s done. I know that the weeks ahead will probably get even more chaotic as we head into those final weeks before we travel, but I’m hoping we can continue to celebrate our wins for the week and enjoy the little moments, as well. But for now? For now, we get ready to hit the road and visit Utah…because we haven’t been back for five years! Cheers to adventure!

Tell me – what are some of your wins for the week?