countdown to korea

countdown to korea

It’s here. The big one. The week where our countdown to Korea becomes really really real. We knew that this week would come but, like most things with the military, things kind of just creep along until all of a sudden – BAM – you’re there. Our packers come this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Between those three days, they’ll pack (almost) all our earthly belongings and load them into crates on a massive truck, and we won’t see them until we get to Korea. Well, truthfully, we won’t see them until a month or two after we get to Korea.

We’re an adventure-loving family, and we love staying busy, but PCS season is a different kind of busy. Instead of adventures into the mountains, we’ve had to trade our weekends for prepping the house for our big move. Since we live in on-post housing at JBLM, we’re obligated to prepare our house as much as possible for the next tenants.

One thing that I’ve particularly neglected here is our garden. Truth be told, I don’t love gardening. I hold out hope that one day I will, but I’ve yet to find myself with a green thumb. Do I derive any sense of satisfaction from gardening? Sure, but it’s usually short-lived because I can’t keep things (besides my kids) alive. We knew that housing would come for us if we didn’t clean up our front flower beds though, so that’s been looming over my head.

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prepping to pcs

Fun fact: my kids love gardening. And weeding. And decorating.

The weather this weekend was fickle at best, but we made the most of it, and we spent a few hours digging in the dirt (literally) to weed, trim back unruly lavender and rose bushes, line the flower beds with rocks, and then mulch. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. I love spending time outside with my kids. I may not loving undoing everything we did to make our military house a home, but this sort of a fitting conclusion. Dare I say, I might have actually even enjoyed it?

So, the countdown to Korea continues. It continues through the little things. Through the packing and dismantling. The prepping, and chaos, and laughter, and goodbyes. This is the part where it becomes really real. Our countdown to Korea is officially under one month, and we’re low-key losing our minds. But, nevertheless, we’re trucking along.

Thank you for bearing with us as we navigate the OCONUS PCS process! Once our house is packed and loaded, we’re going to head off on a road trip, then we’ll come back for one final week before we fly. Let the chaos commence!