currently: the may edition

currently: the may edition

Happy Cinco de Mayo, my friends! It’s also my mama’s birthday, so we love May 5th extra hard in our household. Happy birthday, Mumsie! We’re in the throes of chaos here lately, which is partially why my blog has been a little less, well, active, but we’re slowly but surely ticking closer to our move next month. Our first packers come next week, and we’re dealing with a modicum of stress surrounding that and all the extra details but, again, we’re getting there! Today though, it’s time for Currently: The May Edition – a monthly feature from Anne in Residence in which we share five things we’re currently doing. Ready?

Currently: The May Edition

Consuming // A lot of smoothies are being consumed up in here right now. I’ve been following a plan set forth by The Running Diet in which my macros are realigned, as are my mealtimes. My diet is primarily anti-inflammatory (AIP) to address ongoing Lyme Disease symptoms, and my dinners have been my lightest meal of the day, hence the smoothies. Thankfully, it’s been helping me sleep better, which is a huge plus!

Exploring // We’re exploring all those last-minute bucket list places here in the PNW that we possibly can! Our days and, sadly, weekends too, are quickly becoming consumed with packing and moving prep, but we managed to explore Marymere Falls in the Olympic National Park, as well as Port Angeles (some pics below) this past weekend with my parents. We’re still trying to explore and tackle that bucket list!

rocktopus port angeles

port angeles waterfront

port angeles

hiking around port townsend

blowing bubbles easter 2021

Getting // Right now, we’re getting all the packing tubs and totes. Since long-term storage is coming to pack us out on Tuesday next week, we’ve been getting all the watertight tubs we can in order to properly store our stuff for the next few years while we’re in Korea. Storage is supposedly moisture controlled, but we’re doing our best to be prepared (just in case).

Hoping // Honestly, right now I’m hoping that quarantine requirements change in Korea by the time we arrive! You might have seen on my instagram last week that the Republic of Korea recently changed their quarantine requirements, no longer requiring a 14-day quarantine for vaccinated individuals. Unfortunately, that doesn’t extend to U.S. Forces Korea (USFK), which will be our designation overseas. As of right now, even though we’re fully vaccinated, we’ll have to quarantine in their barracks, and we’re not looking forward to that part.

Seeing // I’m going to interpret this one a little differently, so bear with me! We’re seeing how much we can squeeze into our last 49 days in the United States. Our household goods are being packed up the final week of May, so we’ll be taking a little roadtrip to see Ryan’s family in Utah before we leave. So, basically, we’re seeing how much we can still do before we leave!

So, that’s all I have for Currently: The May Edition! It’s going to be a crazy month, and the days are already flying a little too fast for my liking. We’re going to do our best to balance fun and sanity through the chaos though because good times are ahead!

Tell me – what are you consuming, exploring, getting, hoping, and seeing this month?