it’s household goods moving day

household goods moving day

Today is the day. It’s household goods moving day, which means today starts the final of our three pack outs. Our long-term storage came first on May 12th, our unaccompanied baggage was packed out last week, but today starts the three-day process of moving all our HHG towards our final destination – South Korea.

Will it take them three days to pack our house? Probably not. They allot themselves three days to pack, load, and transport all our things, and we’ve been given the window of May 26-28 for the full household goods moving process. They confirmed yesterday that they’d arrive today – Wednesday – to begin the process. So, to say that we’re losing our minds would be an understatement.

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Because of the nature of an OCONUS move, you have to decide whether you’d prefer to be without goods on the stateside part of the move or on the OCONUS side. We chose to be without our HHG longer stateside. That being said, our belongings are still not slated to arrive in Korea until early- to mid-August. Basically, that means we’ll be without our HHG (our beds, all our furniture, our TV, etc.) for that amount of time.

We’ve been sorting, purging, keeping, throwing, and intermittently losing our minds, but we’re ready. This is what we knew would happen. Military life is very much a “hurry up and wait” mentality, then when it starts moving, it hauls. So, this is it. It’s household goods moving day, and there’s no going back now! We managed to quickly squeeze in one last dinner out at our favorite restaurant in Ruston Way (Duke’s Seafood) with some of our friends who’ve become family – who are also leaving JBLM this week. In the midst of the chaos of PCSing, it was nice to have a sense of normalcy as we dive into this headfirst.

Moving…I love the outcome, but I loathe the process. Anyone else?!