road trip part 1: oregon to idaho

road trip part 1 oregon to idaho

It’s Memorial Day, and I don’t know how many people are online or busy right now doing anything but enjoying time soaking up the first few days of summer, but we’re coming at you today from Boise, Idaho. The kids wrapped up their final days of school in Washington on Friday, and we hit the road on Saturday, planning to make our way out to Utah to see family before we PCS to Korea in about three weeks. This is our road trip part 1, as we made our way from Oregon to Idaho.

We weren’t sure what to expect the first day of travel. Traveling with kids is always a little bit of a crapshoot, but we knew that we wanted to reach Boise by Sunday midday (at the latest), to visit a good friend of Ryan’s from earlier on in his military career. We have no real agenda for this road trip except to make it to Utah, hopefully make it out to California, and then make it back to JBLM in time for final appointments, our PCR tests, selling our cars, and flying to Korea.

We stopped in Pendleton, Oregon on Saturday evening. It’s such a beautiful, old, quaint little area, surrounding by rolling fields, mountains, and incredible vistas all around. Fun fact though…trying to book a hotel on the fly over Memorial Day weekend is not recommended. We ended up in a very unique Super 8. 10/10 do not recommend.

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Day two of our road trip consisted of us making our way from Pendleton to Boise. It’s not a long drive – about 3.5 hours – but with a moderately uncomfortable daughter complaining about her belly hurting, very little sleep in the aforementioned Super 8, and a general lack of coffee, it felt a lot longer.

The best part of road trip part 1 from Oregon to Idaho was getting together with great friends though. We made it to Boise midday, and we spent the day enjoying fresh air, sunshine, and great company. Mieke surprised us by catching a tummy bug that kicked her booty most of the day Sunday, but our friends graciously told us to stay, we soaked up a little more fresh air, and we all got a great night sleep. Next stop though? Utah.

We haven’t been back to Utah in five years. We’re excited to bring Porter and Mieke for the first time, hike, explore, and do one last tour de USA before we leave the country.

I hope you all have a beautiful Memorial Day, enjoying good company and doing nice things.