5 on friday: our final friday in washington

final friday in washington

Happy Friday, friends! I’m coming at you with alllllll the stress, as this is our final Friday in Washington. There are a lot of mixed emotions in the Moore household today. Most of them err on the side of nervousness and stress. After today, we’ll be in a hotel until we leave for Korea next week, so we’re trying to finalize those last details before we go. I knew an OCONUS PCS would be a lot, but I don’t think I realized exactly how many moving pieces there are. But, we are here, on our final Friday in Washington (whether we like it or not), and it’s time for some wins for the week.

Wins for the Week: Final Friday in Washington

1 // Ryan cleared CIF earlier this week

CIF is the Central Issue Facility – basically every departing soldier’s worst nightmare. It’s the place that issues field gear, training gear, etc. and, upon departing and clearing for either a new duty station or getting out, soldiers have to return a laundry list of stuff. That they have to find. All at once. It’s super special. Thankfully, Ryan cleared with minimal headaches this time.

2 // Washington is finally sunny for us

It rained almost all last week. It was super frustrating because we haven’t had anything in our house for so long, and being inside during chilly rainy days with nothing to do is, well, less than ideal. This week has been glorious though! We’ve spent almost all day every day outside with friends, and we’ve had picnic dinners in the neighborhood, which is perfect because some of our besties are leaving today.

jblm living

kindergarten graduate

military friends

3 // Mieke’s numbers are going down

In case you missed it, Mieke was pretty sick last week and the week prior – and not just because of dehydration. Her liver function tests came back high in Salt Lake, and they came back even higher last week here in Washington. Thankfully, she’s on the mend, and she’s trending back down – back to her usual spicy self!

4 // All the kids’ dentist appointments are done

It felt like a great time to add dental appointments to the mix, and we had one for each child on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The kids were troopers, mama stayed (mostly) sane, and we got it done. Bonus? The kids all love the dentist now. Think that’ll carry over to Korea?

5 // Most of the big details are done

We’ve got a few more “big” ones in the mix, but they’re manageable. We need USDA pet health certificates from the vet today (I’ll share more about that later), and we all need to have PCR tests on Monday prior to flying. Oh, and we need to sell our cars. But, we’re getting there. I think we’re going to nap most of our way through quarantine in Korea. What do you think?

Thank you again for bearing with me these last few weeks and months as we approached our final week and Friday in Washington. I know bigger adventures lie ahead, and I’m excited for them, but focusing on these ones has been needed and necessary. Home stretch!

Tell me – what are some of your wins for the week?