5 on friday: wins for the week

cedar city wins for the week

Happy Friday, friends! It’s a happy Friday, indeed, over here, as it seems we’ve finally turned a corner on the stomach bug that was plaguing our family from the start of our road trip, clear through the beginning of our stay in Utah. Honestly, we were getting a little worried we were going to feel look poop (literally) the entire time, so being on the upswing of things is the best feeling in the world, and I shared our joy on my instagram. So, we enter our third-to-last Friday in the United States with happier hearts and celebrate some pretty nice wins for the week together!

Wins for the Week

1 // We kicked our stomach bug

Again, this was huge. The bug hit Mieke first, then me, then Porter, and then Ryan (to a lesser degree). Only Spencer was left pretty much unscathed, so that’s a pretty big win in and of itself. We’re finally feeling well enough to do stuff and, though we had to change our plans around, we’re glad that we did because we got to spend some time with family sooner than later.

2 // We made it to Cedar City, Utah

Ryan’s mother and stepdad moved from American Fork to Cedar City about a year ago, and this is our first time visiting their new home. As the stomach virus picked us off one by one, they graciously invited us to come earlier, knowing full well that A) it’s not COVID and B) it still sucks, but they’d rather us be miserable in comfort at least. As luck would have it, we mostly turned a corner before we arrived, and Mieke only threw up once after getting here. We’re calling it a win!

fishing wins for the week

road trip wins for the week

fishing with kids

spencer fishing

fishing with kids wins for the week

vacation wins for the week

mieke and mom fishing

3 // We hiked our first slot canyon

I can’t wait to share more about this one next week when I actually have the time to sit down and write about it, but since we were finally feeling well enough to actually do something, we went on a hike. It’s been bloody hot down here – mid-90s by 11 AM most days – so we went early and did a shorter hike, but it was so fun, and we loved it.

4 // The boys fished for the first time

On our way to our hike, we spotted this you-catch, they-cook kind of place, and we made the decision to stop on our way back. This little mom-and-pop place had a pond full of rainbow trout, and if you caught one, they’d clean and cook it for you. You only pay if you catch and, spoiler alert…we caught nothing. We saw all those little as$holes watching the line, but not a single one bit. It was still worth it though, and it was a fun little spot to try fishing with the boys for the first time.

5 // Spending quality time with Grandma & Papa

We don’t see Ryan’s parents nearly enough. We’d hoped to come out for Thanksgiving, but with COVID and lockdown’s still somewhat in place, we’d altered our plans to keep everyone safe and not in quarantine. This has been such a good trip for the kids to see Ryan’s parents and see Utah – where Ryan and I spent so many years (though at different times!) Spencer is the only one of our kiddos who has ever actually been to Utah, so it’s been fun to share it with Porter and Mieke, too.

My Currently post this week was kind of a bummer, but things really turned around in time for some really positive wins for the week! I’m so grateful for everyone’s well-wishes and for those healing vibes and prayers because they definitely helped, and we’re actually enjoying our holiday now. Cheers to our last few days in the state and then our road trip back home!

Tell me – what are some of your wins for the week?