adventures in family quarantine at camp humphreys

family quarantine camp humphreys

Happy Monday, friends! Honestly, I feel weird posting right now because, like I mentioned last week, we’re all sorts of thrown off now. We’re about 12 hours ahead of my family on the east coast of the US, which means we’re heading into Monday, while they’re just starting Sunday. It’s a little bit crazy experiencing this sort of time difference, but we’re making it work through the throes of jetlag. We’re heading into day five of our family quarantine at Camp Humphreys, and I can honestly say it’s been a trip thus far.

In just five days of quarantine, the following thoughts have actually crossed my mind:

How are we going to function without proper WiFi or cellular data until we can get our Korean simcards?

Why did I marry my husband?

Is it possible for my children to get a venereal disease from sitting bare-butt on a dirty barracks-room floor?

How much blood warrants stitches?

Will we ever see real daylight again?

Was PCSing to Korea actually worth 14 full days in quarantine?

If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know that we’ve had an eventful first few days in family quarantine at Camp Humphreys. After arriving super late (super early?) in the morning our first day, Porter overflowed the toilet. We’ve been thick in the throes of jetlag, too, and the kiddos have been consistently waking between 2 and 5 AM. Usually Mieke will go back to sleep, but the boys have been properly awake before 6 AM at which time the boys thought it would be great to wrestle. In our barracks room, which is about as un-child-friendly as you can think of. Think: sharp corners, heavy metal furniture, and solid concrete floors.

Needless to say, we were woken by a loud THUD, followed by Porter saying, “wow, that’s a lotta blood.” We got up to find Spencer with a pretty nice gash over his eye – courtesy of losing a wrestling match with Porter and a metal desk. We threw on clothes, went downstairs, and were transported to the ER. The CQ guard told me that this was a first…taking a family out of the quarantine barracks to head to the ER. Thankfully, Spence didn’t need stitches, but it did have to be glued shut and taped.

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camp humphreys family quarantine

But look, here’s the silver lining. Whilst in the ER, the two nurses asked me whether we’ve had any outdoor time yet. When I said no, our PCR results weren’t back yet (on day 4, mind you), they weren’t pleased. Spence and I went back to the family quarantine barracks, only to be interrupted by a loud knock on the door. The hospital had sent word to the barracks that our PCR test results were negative, and we were officially allowed out for yard time!

Quarantine sucks. Truly, it does. The meals get old, these walls get old, and we’re pretty exhausted from both jet lag and staring at each other’s faces constantly for the past however many days. Nevertheless, we’re thrilled to be at Camp Humphreys. We’re ready for this next adventure, and we can’t wait for these days to keep ticking, inching us ever closer to getting out and getting our lives started here.