currently: the june edition

currently: the june edition

Happy June, friends! I’m coming at you from Utah, in the middle of the road trip that wasn’t. You might remember I mentioned in my last post that we’d made it from Oregon to Idaho, and that Mieke managed to snag a little tummy bug at some point. It seemed to be a 24-hour thing, so it was unfortunate, but we held onto hope that we’d escaped the worst of it. Spoiler alert: we didn’t. I spent all of yesterday sick, and Porter got hit by the same stomach virus last night. Ryan and Spencer are currently unscathed, and we’re adjusting our road trip plans again to hunker down in Cedar City where Ryan’s parents live. So, while we prepare to drive again tomorrow, it’s time for Currently: The June Edition! This monthly feature from Anne in Residence is one of my favorites, and I hope you’ll join in!

Currently: The June Edition

Celebrating // Honestly, I’d really like to be celebrating the end of this stomach bug, but since that’s apparently not a thing, I’ll just say we’re celebrating being back in Utah for the first time in five years. Now, maybe we’ll all feel better soon so we can enjoy it?! Oh, I’m also celebrating the fact that I wrapped my final family session last weekend in Tacoma, and it was perfect!

Collecting // I’m collecting barf bags. But really. We need them all. I’m hoping against hope that this bug doesn’t hit Ryan or Spence, but if it does, we need to be prepared because barf in the car is no bueno. Ask Porter.

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Gifting // We’re getting prepared to start gifting our soon-to-be five-year-old, Porter, with birthday gifts! In true military kid style, we’ll be celebrating his fifth birthday without furniture, maybe in the middle of the US, and preparing to move somewhere new. We celebrated his second birthday in South Dakota…maybe this will be in Utah? Idaho?! Who knows?

Thinking // I’m thinking of all the things we still have to do before we get on our plan to Korea. We have to schedule our bulk trash pick up, have our house cleaned, book a hotel, sell both cars, get our cat’s FAVN, obtain both pets’ health certificates, have our PCR tests done…and more. It’s a lot, and it’s definitely daunting. With less than three weeks to go, it’s crunch time.

Trying // Right now, I’m just trying to put a positive spin on life right now. We’re a little bummed that we finally came back to Utah, and we all got sick. I should clarify in case people are wondering. This is not COVID. We have a 24-hour stomach bug, and we’re doing everything we can not to spread it. But yeah…if things could turn around soon so we can enjoy this road trip, we’d be endlessly grateful!

Traveling with kids is hard, and this isn’t how I expected our June edition of Currently to go. But, it is what it is, and I’m glad we’re getting this out of our system now (literally) before we move in a few weeks!

Tell me – what are you celebrating, collecting, gifting, thinking, and trying this month?