five years of porter dean

five years of porter dean

Dear Porter,

Today is your fifth birthday! That’s right – five years of Porter Dean. Where does the time go? Buddy, you are the absolute perfect little adventure boy, rolling with all the punches this military lifestyle throws your way. You celebrated your first birthday without your Daddy, your second somewhere in South Dakota, your third without your Daddy, your fourth in your third house in your four years of life, and you’re celebrating your fifth birthday somewhere on the road between Idaho and Washington.

Porter, being a middle child isn’t easy. Daddy and I should know because we’re both middle kids, ourselves! You roll with it though, and despite the fact that you’re squished between two very big personalities in your brother and sister, you easily hold your own. You’re hilarious. You have this belly laugh that is absolutely contagious, and you keep us guessing every single day.

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Daddy and I joke a lot that you’re a killer because you are stubborn and, when you’re set on something, you’re virtually immovable. You have a will a million miles wide, and you definitely know what you want and get after it. You make friends everywhere you go, and your big smile and blue eyes are definitely going to make you a hit when we move to Korea in a couple weeks.

Today, as we celebrate five years of Porter Dean, I want you to know how proud we are of you. Being a military child isn’t easy, and it’s definitely not always fun. You’ve been in four preschools in your life, lived in two different states, three different homes, and made countless friends everywhere we go. You don’t get to see your Oma, Opa, Grandma, or Papa nearly enough, but when you do, you love big, and you love fiercely. You, sweet boy, are stronger than you know.

Let’s make year five one to really remember, okay? This day is yours, big boy (once we get back to Washington, of course)!