hello from south korea

hello from south korea

Happy Friday, friends, and hello from South Korea! Honestly, I’m 150% thrown off right now because I’m writing this at 2 PM Friday afternoon in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, but it’s 11 PM in Washington state. A lot has happened between the moment we said farewell to JBLM and hello to South Korea, but we made it…we’re here! Normally I share my wins for the week in five simple bullet points, but we’ve had more wins than I can count right now, so I’d rather just share a bit of this journey – if only for posterity.

We left Seattle at 1 PM Wednesday morning after arriving at SeaTac bright and early about four hours before our flight. We were lucky enough to fly Korean Air vs. Patriot Express, and we had a phenomenal experience (but I’ll share more on that later). Our flight was a cool 11.5 hours long, and we arrived at Incheon, Seoul at 4 PM on Thursday afternoon.

I’ll share the details of the whole process upon arrival in South Korea, but sufficed to say for now that we didn’t arrive at the quarantine barracks at Camp Humphreys until 12 AM. In case you’re wondering, from start to finish, it was about a 26 hour trip to get to our barracks. We’re jet-lagged, we’re exhausted, Mieke is nursing a hurt foot because I ran over it with one of our three luggage carts (yes, I feel awful), but we’re here. We’re safe. We made it.

pcs to camp humphreys

pcr tests korea

quarantine south korea

oconus pcs with kids

what pcs oconus is like with kids

I shared a little bit about the details of our quarantine on my instagram, but we’ll be here for the next 12ish days. We received another COVID test upon arrival and, once the results come back negative, Ryan and I can start a working quarantine (WQAP) where he can start inprocessing, I can go running, and we can get necessities from the commissary. The kids have to quarantine the full 14 days because they can’t be vaccinated yet. They’ll get about 30ish minutes of outside time a day, but I’ll share more on that later, too.

Honestly, it’s been a journey to get here (literally and figuratively). We’ve had so many people in our corner; from our friends in Washington to my family in New Hampshire working with our realtor to help sell our house, Ryan’s family praying over us in Utah, and friends sending us goods in quarantine here in South Korea, we are so blessed and grateful.

So, hello from South Korea, friends! I’m so excited to share our new journey abroad!